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The Future is Our Path, You Are Our Strength!


We are looking for a teammate who can be a part of our force as a Product Management Specialist on the journey we have set out! 


If you say;

  • I am a graduate of the Faculties of Engineering or Economics and Administrative Sciences of universities,
  • I have 2-3 years of experience in product management, marketing and pricing in the automotive industry,
  • I have product experience in the light commercial vehicle, truck segments,
  • I am focus on success and results,
  • My communication skills are high,
  • I am prone to teamwork,
  • I am result oriented,
  • Analytical and innovative thinking ability I have advanced, fast and effective problem solving skills,
  • I have high planning, reporting and organizational skills,
  • I can keep up with the dynamic working environment and flexible working hours,
  • If you say I have no obstacles to domestic and international travel

you can be the teammate we are looking for!


We expect you to manage your time well, to be inclined to teamwork, have a customer-oriented approach, success and result oriented and be open to learning. 


The work you will do at Anadolu Isuzu as “Product Management Specialist’’ will entail; 


  • To take a guiding role in the processes of design, production, distribution and withdrawal from the market starting from the idea stage of the product, to work in coordination with other department
  • To ensure that the products suitable for customer demands and new trends are included in the short, medium and long-term product plans for domestic and foreign markets.
  • To provide a product / service that will create value in return for the customer and the company; To follow and develop the processes of market research (competition and customer), Sunday strategy development (segmentation, target segment identification and value positioning.
  • Current product portfolio improvement / development areas (cost, quality, budget, time, customer demands and expectations, legal requirements, etc.) projecting, updating S/O lists.
  • To take an active role in the new product feasibility study processes (market feasibility, technical feasibility, financial feasibility).
  • To prepare product information, training documents, sales kits to support sales, to provide product trainings to sales personnel.
  • To carry out market positioning studies based on price/value analysis for the product and segment for which he is responsible.
  • Analyzing the areas open to demand and improvement related to existing products and taking action by contacting the relevant units.
  • To support the determination of domestic and international product range strategies to take part in business development projects.


Apply if you are ready to be a part of our success and the make a difference with your energy and talent!


 Who are we?


As the Anadolu Isuzu family, we operate in over 50 countries as well as Turkey with the international markets and defense industry accounting for more than half of our business volume. 
As Anadolu Isuzu, we have been operating in Turkey since 1984 as a publicly traded partnership of Anadolu Group, Isuzu Motors Limited, and Itochu engaged in commercial vehicle production and expanding our manufacturing portfolio. We focus on the commercial vehicle segment in the automotive industry and as Anadolu Isuzu, we have a strong product range, effective after-sale services and an extensive dealer and service network. We are in an assertive position in the export markets with our truck, light truck, medium-sized bus, bus and pick-up production. 

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