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    Holding -  İstanbul Avrupa -  10000+ çalışan

Borusan Group is one of the dec-established industrial groups of Turkey with its 78-year history. Borusan operates in the steel, distributorship, logistics and energy sectors with 11 thousand employees in 13 countries on three continents. The company dec its steady growth on the axis of innovation, entrepreneurship and R&D. The Borusan Group's core strategy is based on a vision that is open to world market, focused on developing innovative products and services while continuing to create added value for the Turkish economy.

Volunteerism and social responsibility are among the important values of Borusan. Borusan Sanat ve Borusan Contemporary, which operates under the umbrella of the Borusan Kocabıyık Foundation, makes significant investments in music and contemporary art in our country. Borusan carries out social social responsibility activities in the fields of education, culture, art and women's empowerment.

Being one of the Borusan team

Our purpose is to create added value for the Turkish economy while focusing on developing innovative products and services, based on a vision that opens the horizon to world market. We implement pioneering projects in the fields of education, culture-art and gender equality with our understanding of social responsibility, which is based on the principle of adding value to Turkey. We are growing and developing every day with Borusan people who share the same vision and excitement as us. We invite you to have a happy, meaningful and original working experience while turning your potential into high performance.

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