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We are a newly established UGC and TikTok Ads specialized digital marketing agency based in New Mexico, USA.

Unlike any other digital marketing role in the industry, as a "TikTok Ad Specialist", you will focus on TikTok marketing only. 

We do not require you to have worked or be able to work with no other platforms. However, as a digital marketing specialist, as TikTok is a freshly established platform, it's better if you had previously worked with other marketing channels such as Facebook ads, Google ads etc. 

However, this is not a must. 

If you do not realize the potential in the newly established platform and are firm about working with other marketing platforms, please don't apply.

We are building a team of visionaries who: 

  • Thrive working at home
  • Believe in the power of NEW.
  • Are open to learning and internalizing new strategies we developed in digital marketing
  • Can openly talk about their opinions with customers and the team.
  • Are not limited by their knowledge, hence are growing every day.
  • Understand classic (not cliche) marketing concepts and are able to interpret them for every situation.
  • Do not use tactics but have principals
  • Are not necessarily passionate about the work but are able to communicate their key motivating factors
  • Has excellent communication skills in English
  • Understand TikTok and digital marketing

About the role:

  • Control up to 4 clients' paid TikTok Media channels per month.
  • Work with creative directors to develop strategies for midsize e-commerce and info product brands.
  • Know how to track and measure data.
  • Integrate the measuring in the marketing strategy according to clients' needs.
  • Always be on time for the meetings.
  • Constantly improve yourself in this area.
  • Put your two cents on the table, meaning don't be afraid to voice your opinion.


  • Have worked with Facebook ads (not a must but knowing Facebook ads is certainly a plus)
  • Have a good level of spoken and written English
  • Hold a bachelor's degree in a four-year program (not a must, but in the case of you not holding a bachelor's degree, you need to have the skillset to compensate for that)
  • BE A PRO at problem-solving
  • Be a team member, and empower your co-workers.

About the Interview:

  • The video interviews will be conducted via Video Call.
  • You will be asked to interview in English.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about TikTok and ad creation.
    • You will not be the one creating ads. Your role is to manage them so tell me how digital marketing works and show me what kind of a strategy you would pull together in a certain scenario.

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