• Risk Management Specialist - Senior Specialist
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  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, business administration or related fields from a reputable university,
  • Minimum 2, maximum 4 years of experience in risk management or finance practices preferably in the energy industry,
  • Demonstrated capability to apply risk and finance management concepts, analysis and support to strategic decision-making processes,
  • Experience in project management or coordinating large deliverables with inputs from multiple sources,
  • Good understanding of internationally accepted risk management standards (i.e. COSO and ISO31000),
  • Having an internationally recognized certificate is a plus,
  • Strong analytical skills and desire to work with the numbers,
  • Advanced level of knowledge in MS Office software,
  • Fluency in writing and speaking English.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Maintain an effective risk management framework to identify, analyze, monitor and report all material risks such as market, counterparty, operational and compliance risks,
  • Examine the assessment process as stated in risk policies of new product and also new client requests from different business units which require financial analysis and reporting skills,
  • Maintain an inventory of enterprise risks by gathering, and translating information from stakeholders across the business units,
  • Provide conceptual thinking and analytical skills with the ability to analyze complex problems that include interrelationships and dependencies in order to identify common themes and solutions,
  • Implement and assist developing financial risk models such as VaR, Hypo PnL, Forward Curve and Trading Position reports,
  • Provide timely and correct monitoring to ensure that risk exposures and thresholds are in line with limits,
  • Assist in evaluation and improvement of the existing control environment to ensure that the risks are adequately governed,
  • Assist providing administrative services such as responding to queries from departments, and issuing memos in senior executive meetings.

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