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Resume Examples and Samples For Any Job & Industry

Below you'll see 200+ career specific resume examples for any job & industry. Resume samples that get the job. Make a job-winning resume in minutes. No writing experience required. Start now! Easy to get started.

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Examples of Resume Templates


General Resume

A great resume is a tailored resume. Proving your experience and skills match the position is crucial Save time while you’re at it with help from this resume template.

Career Change Resume

Professionals need to change their jobs every four years. Not always for the better. Discover our career change resume sample and learn how to find a new career successfully.

Student Resume

All we know that a student's life is hard and challenging, but finding a job as a student is actually frustrating. There is high competition and you need to show your all talents on your resume to get a job interview. Use our student sample resume to get you there.

Two Page Resume

About 78% of recruiters want to see two pages from more experienced candidates. Are you agree with this? Do you think a resume can be two pages long and still look perfect? Discover this two page resume sample to find out.

Teacher Resume

What makes teacher resume example stand out?

Show up why you’re more than just an educator:

  • Details various methods of teaching for different scenarios.
  • Point outs outside participation in different areas of school exercises.

Manager Resume

What makes this example of a resume perfect?

Highlights outputs and shows a best fit:

  • Utilizes numbers to demonstrate her certifications.
  • Takes attention on experience that matches the responsibilites & job description.

Pharmacist Resume

What makes this sample resume shine?

This sample resume shows all job requirements are met.

  • Points out licenses and certification.
  • Focuses on soft and critical skills.

Best Resume Samples




  • List your contact details the correct way.


  • Write a professional summary or career objective.


  • Customize your resume in the work experience section - use achievements to impress employers.


  • Underline your high potential with a list of skills...


  • ...and impress them with volunteer experience and certifications in the extra sections.

Examples of Resume Formats


Reverse-chronological Resume

Point out your experience and important professional achievements with this resume format. List your latest position at the top and the previous ones follow.

Functional Resume

If you lack experience relevant to a specific position, use this resume example. Focus on your key skills and target them to the position.

Combination Resume

A hybrid resume lets you show your top skills in a creative way and gives you area to present your work history.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Resume Examples


You may be confident that your resume will match current HR requirements if you use a ready-made resume example produced by career and Human Resources specialists. If you don't use a resume sample, you'll waste a lot of time writing your own resume when you should be writing a cover letter or preparing for the job interview instead. You also run the danger of making mistakes on your resume, which could cost you the job.

All of our 100+ free resume examples were prepared by Certified Professional Resume Writers with years of experience writing resumes for people in a variety of sectors and career paths. Each book includes a professional resume sample, as well as advice and examples to assist you in creating your own resume for any job title or position. Your resume must also appear good and have a suitable format to help you gain the job, thus we strongly suggest you to choose a professional resume template that you can easily fill out online and download in PDF or DOC format.

You only need to pay attention to the contact, work experience, and education facts while copying a resume sample for your job application. If you have abilities that differ from those shown in the resume example, make sure to replace them and list your skills correctly on your resume. The more complicated your work history, the more you'll need to tweak the resume example. While you can use most of the material from our ready-to-use resume examples, we recommend that you read our guide to all resume components to ensure that all areas of your resume have the correct information presented in the correct order.

While we've tried to cover almost all conceivable occupations and industries with the resume examples on this page, we understand that some people may not find the right match. In these circumstances, you can choose between a resume example targeted towards a similar job in the same industry or a generic resume sample that can be used for any job application. You can also use our online resume generator, which includes built-in resume content for thousands of positions, or start from scratch with our guide on how to construct a resume.

It's a big no-no to send the same generic resume to every company. Recruiters and hiring managers will notice right away, and your chances of getting a job interview invitation will be drastically reduced. We strongly advise you to customize your resume for each job application. You can quickly copy your resumes, adjust them, and store them in the cloud for as long as you need them in our online resume creator.

By selecting a resume template and filling out all of the essential areas in the web software, you can use our examples immediately in our resume builder. Our wizard will walk you through all of the procedures involved in creating a resume. You'll get expert advice and ready-made material relevant to the job title and industry you've chosen inside the Toptalent resume app. You'll be able to download your resume in PDF or Word format once you're finished. If you're not sure which file type to use, check out our comparison of PDF vs Word resume formats.

The reverse- chronological resume format is the ideal resume format to utilize in 2022 for practically every job application. It enables recruiters to scan over your work and educational history in the sequence that is most important to them: from your most recent professional experience to your oldest jobs. However, you may find that alternative formats, such as the functional resume format or the skills-based resume format, are better suited to your career or purpose. Read our guide to all resume formats and when to use them if you're not sure which one is right for you.

Your resume should be one page long, however two-page resumes are acceptable in certain cases (read more on the ideal resume length here). Candidates with less than 5 years of experience should keep their resumes to one page on average. If you require extra space, choose a two-column resume template, which will allow you to display more information. A two-page resume template is fine if you have more experience and can't summarize it on one page.

Your resume should be professional, modern, and straightforward in order to get you hired in 2022. Using a resume template that looks attractive and is ATS-scannable is the first step toward success. This manner, even when recruiters are in a rush, your resume will be easy to analyze and comprehend. Always consider the readability and design of your resume, and make sure to highlight the most important information. To assist you get the job, read our tips on what a CV should look like.

You are free to use, copy, and paste any of our resume examples. You can look at as many samples as you want to come up with the ideal CV for you. If you're building your resume in our online tool, you may make as many resumes as you like for free and only pay to download them after you're happy with the results.