Global Management Trainee Programme 2020


Who is the ideal candidate for the ISS Global Management Trainee Programme? First, you must have a business-related degree and relevant work experience, either from an internship/job during your studies or from a commercial position (for example, in account management, sales or consultancy).

As a person, you enjoy complex challenges and demonstrate the right analytical, decision-making and executive potential for supporting customers in their business development. Most importantly, you are able to balance your ambitious mind-set with a respectful and empathetic attitude towards the people around you. You are also a strong communicator – with the capability to enter a dialogue at all levels of the organisation and, above all, to ‘walk the talk’.

Job Description:

You may have a job, but do you have a job?

The ISS Global Management Trainee Programme is a stepping-stone for people with management potential to become the leaders of the future in an ambitious international company. You will be part of a global organisation with more than 500,000 dedicated employees operating in over 50 countries.

In the intensive 18-month ISS Global Management Trainee Programme, we expect you to work hard – starting with the demanding recruitment process. We are looking for the very best people to lead ISS into the future, and that means only a few applicants from each country make it through to final selection. Nevertheless, once you get there, you will never look back. The ISS Global Management Trainee Programme is your shortcut to a top management career. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

The Trainee Journey

As an ISS management trainee, you will receive a thorough introduction to our business, starting with insights into the organisation at regional, national and global levels.

To build your understanding of the ISS culture at work, you will be fast-forwarded through a mini ‘career’ in tours of duty in our service organisation. You will gain insight into our global footprint when we send you to a new country for three months during the programme. There, you will focus on a selected segment, where you will complete a commercial and operational internship and manage a relevant project.

As a part of the programme, you will work as assistant manager to one of our key account managers in order to learn the main business tools we use at ISS to meet customer challenges. Here, your training will explore customer needs at strategic, tactical and operational levels – as well as the formulation of a coherent value proposition.

What’s in it for you?

With this once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, development of your leadership capabilities is a thread that runs through the whole programme. You will be allocated a personal mentor from the national management team who will act as your coach and sponsor within the organisation, and support you in your personal development plan. Through a number of workshops, you will have the opportunity to network and to exchange best practice with fellow management trainees from other countries. 




ISS, 1901 yılında Kopenhag’da kuruldu ve dünyanın lider Tesis Hizmetleri şirketlerinden biri haline geldi. Başlangıçta ISS International Service System (Uluslararası Hizmet Sistemi) kısaltmasıydı.