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Our expectations from the Purchasing Specialist, who will work at one of our Nuh Çimento group companies,

  • Meet procurement demands and manage tender, bid collection, and contract processes accordingly,
  • Make price and supplier research,
  • Carry out procurement-related activities such as inventory management, cost reduction, stock optimization, effective field management, etc.,
  • Plan order quantities in accordance with the annual production plan,
  • Ensure that the orders are placed in accordance with the supply plan, followed up and delivered to the warehouses on time,
  • Make long-term supply plans for materials that are used continuously and need regular replenishment,
  • Create technological business solutions in line with strategy and market conditions by analyzing needs, demands and opportunities,
  • Monitor and report price and supply movements, changes, and developments of the main materials in the domestic and foreign markets,
  • Search for alternative materials and suppliers,
  • Execute performance evaluation of vendors,
  • Ensure KPIs and SLAs are guaranteed, or process improvement suggestions are made by analyzing procurement processes,
  • Establish good relations with coordination between the suppliers and Nuh Çimento,
  • Be responsible of the integrated management of business processes.

General Qualifications

We are looking for a Purchasing Specialist who;

  • Has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.
  • Resides in Kocaeli or Asian side of Istanbul.
  • Has 5+ years of experience in similar positions.
  • Has a good understanding of manufacturing, quality, maintenance, sales, warehouse management, and logistics management.
  • Is experienced in stock management.
  • Is experienced in MS Office Programs and SAP MM module.
  • Has excellent communication skills and is good at teamwork.
  • Has developed skills in planning, reporting, and analytical thinking.
  • Has strong understandings of organisation and priority management, and is proactive.

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