Pernod Ricard
Hızlı Tüketim

Accounting Assistant


To carry out general accounting transactions in line with generally accepted accounting principles, to organize and follow up archive transactions and to provide all kinds of purchase invoices to the system on time.


  • All paper invoice entries in E-Flow, signed delivery from Office Secretariat and excel records
  • Making supplier reconciliations in quarterly periods and resolving differences
  • Entering sales return invoices
  • Entering personnel cost centers to the system
  • Tracking and planning of products requested for product training-consumption by all departments, monthly regular office stock, broken stock and marketing training budget stock tracking and reduction,
  • Entry of traffic fines,
  • Arrangement and matching of all Offset transactions
  • Transferring and matching and reporting invoices to the logo accounting system, where the e-flow invoice approval process is over and waiting for accounting approval, sharing problematic invoices and all problems with accounting officers and managers
  • Calculating the stamp tax in the contracts, preparing the book record and stamp tax return and uploading it to the e-declaration system,
  • Current-Accounting 195-320 accounts clearing transactions,
  • Weekly personnel expense entry and procedure control, monthly personnel credit card expense entries and procedure control
  • Correspondence and Archiving of General Accounting Department,
  • New Product Definition Folder, Product Price Definition (Campaign) Folder,
  • Istanbul Cost Folder IM, Mersin Cost Folder AN,
  • Month Ending Check List,
  • Collateral Return Minutes and Dbs Notary Notification,
  • Bank Extre and Bank Payment Instruction Folders,
  • Fixtures Folder,
  • General Offset Archiving,
  • Cash Transactions Folder,
  • Official Institutions Correspondence Folder,
  • Declarations Folder,
  • Letter of Guarantee Return Forms Folder,
  • Maturity Postponement Folder, Order Over Limit
  • Reconciliation with current holders in preparing monthly Ba / BS declaration,


Education: Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the universities that provide four-year formal education

(preferably graduated from Business, Economics, Finance, Accounting etc.)

Professional / Technical Knowledge:

  • Having a uniform chart of accounts
  • Up-to-date information on tax legislation
  • Experienced in ERP applications (preferably Logo)

Foreign language: English (Advanced)

Computer Skills: MS Office applications, ability to use ERP program


  • Able to think systematically and analytically
  • Strong in communication and Human Relations
  • Prone to collaboration and teamwork
  • Highly motivated
  • Will be able to work at an intensive work pace
Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard

Hızlı Tüketim
Pernod Ricard Türkiye, şu anda ithal alkollü içkiler kategorisinde pazar lideri konumunda olan şirkettir.
Merhaba Ben Erbil. Satış departmanında İstanbul Boğaz Hattı On Trade Satış Şefi olarak çalışmaktayım. 2015 Aralık’ta Olmeca Marka Elçisi olarak PR bünyesinde çalışmaya başladım. 1 sene sonra Olmeca ve Beefeater Marka Elçisi pozisyonuna geçtim. Şirket dinamiklerini ve stratejisini anlamak için farklı departmanları görmenin önemli olduğunu düşünüyordum. Bu sebeple 2017 Ekim ayında, İzmir Offtrade Satış Şefi olarak satış departmanına geçiş yaptım, 1 sene sonra ise şu anda çalıştığım pozisyona geçtim. PR’da çalıştığım 4 yılda 3 farklı pozisyon, 2 farklı departman ve 2 farklı kanal tecrübem oldu. Şirketin kimyası ve çalışma şartları benim için bu şirketi seçmemde önemli rol oynadı. Gelişim odaklı yapısı PRt’nin en önemli farklılıklarından.