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  • Create weekly and monthly action plans according to campaign plan, revenue target and product strategy,
  • Create content and provide recommendations in all aspects of digital customer experience journey in web site and mobile,
  • Manage brand partnership process with 3rd parties such as brands, startups, vloggers etc. in line with brand positioning and business objectives,
  • Manage creative content production processes and collaborate with creative agencies to ensure the digital creative content processes go live,
  • Create and implement strategies for content distribution across multiple channels,
  • Ensure all content is consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice according to brand positioning and brand diamond,
  • Will be responsible for the entire processes of live commerce project covering all processes such as agency management, influencer selection, broadcasting and reporting etc,
  • Track KPI’ s and report campaign outputs to the manager and the relevant teams.
  •  Graduated from related departments of universities,
  • Strong understanding on influencer and content marketing,
  • Having a substantial portfolio of partners is a plus,
  • Good command of MS Excel (pivot table, formulas such as vlookup, sumifs etc.) is a plus,
  • Experience using digital tools and platforms to track, analyze, and report on content performance,
  •  Having experience in creative content processes, such as video, podcast and blog content production is a plus,
  • Will take part in a new digital project,
  • Fluent level of English in speaking, writing and listening,
  • Being good in human relations and self-motivated,
  • Ability to meet deadlines,
  • Familiarity with web publications,
  • Working knowledge of SEO and how it applies to content marketing.

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