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10 Free Google Docs Resume Templates [Builder & Format]

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Let's face it, starting from scratch with a DIY résumé might be difficult. Yes, there are several resume templates available online, but many of them aren't really good—as soon as you begin editing one, the formatting is ruined. The better ones are typically not offered for free.

The remedy? On Google Drive, you may get free Google Docs resume templates. Surprised? Be not afraid; Google always has the solutions.

This piece will demonstrate:

  • Better than nine out of ten other resumes are the free resume templates in the Google Docs template gallery.
  • directions on how to create a resume in Google Docs step-by-step.
  • Examples of free Google Docs resume templates that you may get from the internet.
  • Top selections for a classy, professional Google Docs resume template.

Alternately, you can utilize our resume builder and have a polished resume in no time. Here is an example of a resume created using our builder:

Would you like to cut down on time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Use our resume generator. It is quick and simple to use. In addition, ready-made content is available for quick addition. Create your resume using one of the 20+ templates offered.

Nikos, one of our users, stated the following:

A beautiful template I discovered on Zety was [used]. My resume has been reduced from three pages to one. using the same things.

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  • First Job Resume First Job Resume for Teenager Entry Level Resume
  • Microsoft Office Resume Skills
  • Technical Resume Skills

Are you searching for pre-made, particular resume templates? See:

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Looking for sample cover letters? Check out our gallery: 9 Samples of Cover Letters for Google Docs You Can Download Right Now

Find out more about utilizing Google documents resume templates before proceeding to our listing:

Google Docs resume access:


  • Visit Google Drive.
  • Select "New" followed by "Google Docs" and "From a template".
  • To access "Resumes," scroll below.
  • An alternative is to select "Template gallery" in the top right corner of Google Docs.
  • To access "Resumes," scroll below.
  • Finish it off.

Google Docs Resume Templates

You can access some of the sample resume templates for Google Docs provided here directly from your Google Drive (just make sure to set your Google Drive display language to English). Websites for graphic design provide others as well.

Let's start with templates for Google Drive:

1. Coral

The coral section titles in the "Coral" Google Docs resume template add some flair to an otherwise plain layout. a wise choice if you're aiming for a corporate position but want to inject some personality.

You like the simple design? Make sure to look at these incredible minimalist CV examples: 15+ Examples of Simple Resume Templates You Can Download & Use Right Away

2. Modern Writer

If you want to give your CV a contemporary feel, regardless of whether you're a writer or not, you can use the Google Docs "Modern Writer" resume template. The entry titles in fuchsia are eye-catching but not overly tacky, and the resume heading stands out right away.

Here is a must-view collection for you if you'd like to check through our carefully picked selection of contemporary resume templates: A Complete Guide to Modern Resume Templates & 18 Examples

3. Spearmint

This straightforward Google Docs resume template makes excellent use of empty space. This should be your choice if you want an attractive resume that doesn't seem overly loaded with visuals.

Check out Simple Resume Templates for additional samples and suggestions (15 Examples to Download & Use Now)

4. Serif

The Google Docs resume template "Serif" is straightforward and simple to read. This high school resume sample will be excellent. You can utilize two columns in Google Docs, which will help you conserve space and fit all the necessary details into a one-page resume.

For further examples of one-page resumes, see the following list: 15 One-Page Resume Templates You Can Download and Use Right Away

5. Swiss

This Google Docs resume template is a superb illustration of scannability because it was created with Swiss precision. The sections are clearly separated by strong black lines, and the header is well-designed and highly noticeable.

Nice use of two columns, however there are better solutions on this list: Templates for two-column resumes

Do you like the templates? If so, I'm happy to inform you. There is a corresponding Google Docs cover letter template for each of them.

Find "Letters" by scrolling through the list of Google Docs templates. The following names correspond to the resume templates above for cover letters created in Google Docs: "Serif," "Spearmint," "Coral," "Modern Writer," and "Swiss."

Now that you know where to find free, instant access to professional resume templates on Google Docs, let's move on.


You aren't required to stick with the Google Docs resume templates that are given above.

In addition to the Google Docs resume templates in your Google Drive, there are hundreds of more Google Docs templates available online.

the positive news There is no need to waste time looking for the best candidates. We took care of that for you.

The top Google Docs resume samples that you will find outside of Google Drive are shown below.

6. Saturn Google Docs Resume Template

The "Saturn" resume from Upresume is a fantastic template for a college resume in Google Docs. It will also benefit those looking for work in conventional industries. With no more visuals than necessary, it is clear and concise.

The link to this Google Docs resume sample is provided below.

If you're drafting a resume for college, you might find a better template by looking at College Resume Template.

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.

7. Handwritten Headlines

This resume template was made by DesignStudioTeti for Google Docs users who want to give their job application a little more personality. The headlines' imitation of handwriting attracts attention and demonstrates your uniqueness.

The link to this Google Docs resume sample is provided below.

8. Resume Napea

Hey, don't be put off by the German headlines and entries. You may easily change the language in Michael Neuhauser's "Resume Napea" on Behance. This resume template for Google Docs successfully mixes originality and intelligibility.

The link to this Google Docs resume sample is provided below.

Do you believe that creating a creative CV will be beneficial for you? View our gallery to find inspiration: 16+ Examples of Creative Resume Templates to Download & Use

9. Polished and Fresh

An elegant illustration of a Google Docs résumé that conveys professionalism and close attention to detail. This CV is really aesthetically beautiful due to the two columns and the generous quantity of white space. You may buy it from Etsy and receive a complimentary cover letter template for Google Docs as well.

The link to this Google Docs resume sample is provided below.

10. Mercury

Another heavenly Google Docs resume template from Upresume, "Mercury," rounds off our list. This one is an excellent option if you want to try and pack as much information as you can onto one page because it makes use of many columns.

The link to this Google Docs resume sample is provided below.

Check out our gallery for additional free resume templates that you may download if you'd like to: 17+ Free Resume Templates That Are Also Compatible with CVs

Where to Find Free Resume Templates for Google Docs?

Choose New Google Docs from your Google Drive. from a model. To access "Resumes" or "CVs," scroll below (depends on your location). Change language settings if you can't see any options: English can be selected under My Account > Account Preferences > Language & Input Tools > Choose Language.

The following:
There are numerous different Google Docs templates available. Simply continue to the bottom until you reach a section titled "Resumes" or "CVs," depending on where you are.

NOTE: You must switch your Google Drive display language to English if you are unable to access Google's resume templates.
You can accomplish this in the following ways in your Google Drive settings:

Language & Input Tools > My Account > Account Preferences > Select Language > modify

Simply select English from the drop-down menu after that.

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here's what it might resemble:

Key Takeaway

  • As you can see, without having a Microsoft Word subscription, it's feasible to locate fantastic downloadable resume templates for Google Docs with a little bit of research.
  • There isn't a Google resume builder, but you can choose from one of the resume templates on our list or one from your Google Drive.
  • The last piece of advice is to keep in mind that your resume's content still matters more than its appearance after you've chosen your template.

Want to have a resume that gets you the job of your dreams? Here is a small list of books for you to read.

Learn the essential laws first. With the help of this simple instruction, you may become a resume expert in 5 minutes: A Step-by-Step Guide for Writing a Resume with 30 Examples

Choose a formal format next. To show potential employers your strongest suit, you must do this. Make them feel your need for them: Formats for resumes Choose the Best in 3 Steps (Examples & Templates)

Once you have a broad notion of what your resume will contain, start the show. not as simple as it seems. We've just made things simple, so: A Complete Guide With Tips & 15+ Examples on How to Begin a Resume

One final point

Write a cover letter, please.

Why? Since recruiters still scan cover letters and won't bother to open your resume if one isn't attached, you can't argue with HR statistics. You'll increase your odds by doing it correctly.

This is how: 8 Easy Steps for Writing a Cover Letter

Do you know of any further Google Docs resume templates that you believe need to be included on our list? If you let us know, we'll include your entry! Do you have any questions about using Google Docs to create a resume? Send us a message in the comments and we'll get back to you right away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Resume Templates (Google Docs)

Where do I get free resume templates?

The most logical decision would probably be to get free resume templates from Word. These are accessible to any Microsoft Word user, thus in order to utilize them, you must have Word installed and be familiar with its interface. If you utilize Google Suite, you can also use the Google Docs templates. Explore Zety if you're looking for a US resume template or want the greatest resume examples for pretty much any job out there. Our resume builder enables you to choose from 18+ customisable professional resume templates and create your resume without the use of any software or technical know-how. Read our article on free resume templates for more choices.

Does Google Docs have free resume templates?

It does, indeed. You have the ability to create a typical resume, select choices with several resume layouts, and download your resume in PDF format. Remember that recruiting employers anticipate seeing a conventional reverse-chronological CV. Additionally, when choosing a template, keep in mind that your resume should stand out for its content as well as its appearance; otherwise, it might not be accepted by applicant tracking systems.

How do I make a resume on Google Docs for free?

To create a professional résumé, visit the Google Docs template library and select a suitable template. One-page resume templates are common and will work excellent if you have little experience. A two-column resume will let you fit everything you need without sacrificing readability. Don't be afraid to stick with a simple resume; a solid structure and customizing it to the role are more crucial than including excessive facts and pointless pictures.

If you need assistance, see our article on what to put on a resume.

Are Google Docs resume templates ATS-friendly?

Yes, you can typically generate an ATS-compliant resume using Google Docs templates. Nowadays, the majority of recruiters examine applicants using applicant tracking systems, thus you must ensure that you:

  • Keep your resume's formatting consistent.
  • Make use of a resume's appropriate font.
  • Aim for 1-2 pages for the perfect resume length.

For examples of how a resume should appear to stand out from the competition, browse the collection of the greatest resume templates. Please feel free to browse other resume-building websites for options that are more ATS-friendly.