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15+ Visual CV & Resume Templates (Download for Free)

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An attention-grabbing technique to show information about candidates' experience and skills is through the use of graphics, charts, colors, and other visual aspects in a visual resume.

Prior to recently, all resumes essentially had the same format: plain text. White background with black font. No pictures, graphics, or pyrotechnics. However, times are a-changing.

These days, the internet is filled with gorgeous graphic resume templates that can be downloaded. To give you only the finest, we searched through 400+ online visual resume templates.

Check out a visual resume example created with the Zety builder first.


1. Cubic by Zety


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Scroll down to view our portfolio of 15+ visually appealing resume templates (free templates included).

Keep your composure, though—

You need to be aware of something before downloading a visual resume in the hopes of impressing recruiters with your artistic flair.

Not every graphic resume template is created equal.

View my meaning here:

Pros and Cons of Visual Resume Templates

What is, in essence, the only benefit of graphic and visual CV templates?

They are lovely. They are hip. Unique. Creative.

But in actuality, they're broken.

Why a graphic resume template is not recommended?

  • Visual resumes are not able to be scanned by the applicant tracking system unless they are saved as PDFs with properly formatted text layers (ATS). This implies that you will automatically be rejected for 80% of the jobs you apply for. (Yes, up to 80% of businesses employ ATS.)
  • Employers' attention is drawn to graphics on visual resumes, which are typically the least significant components. The emphasis on professional accomplishments in a traditional resume format is what hiring managers like.
  • Large blocks of text are frequently used in graphic resume layouts. Too many bullet points are "boring." Unfortunately, recruiters expect resume bullets. They can be quickly skimmed. It spares the time for recruiters.
  • They take up unnecessary space. Graphics, icons, and other visual components occupy space that could be used to emphasize information pertinent to the position you're applying for.

Choose simplicity and readability over the need to have "a great resume template" unless you're applying to a small company and are very certain that the ATS won't scan your resume.


I got it. Your CV should definitely showcase your unique style. Resumes made in MS Word are dull. Not to add that perfecting your formatting is a pain.


Try using our builder instead of using a completely visual resume template:

  • Our templates incorporate subtle graphic elements to improve readability and give them a contemporary feel.
  • Because we are aware that resumes printed in black on white lack life and vibrancy, we provide over 400 color options.
  • In addition, because we are familiar with the recruitment process, all of our templates are ATS-compatible.

We did everything we could to give you the greatest resume builder without jeopardizing your job search with garbled images.

Not persuaded? Here are some substitutes:


2. Watercolor Triangle


The "Watercolor Triangle" resume template by SHOWY 68 is a striking design that's perfect for job seekers in affluent fields.

However, keep in mind that employers who want a conservative workplace environment might not like the header's paint-like appearance.

Additionally, large fonts and graphic section titles eat up a lot of space, leaving less room for what counts most: your extensive accomplishments and pertinent experience.

Here is a link to a visually appealing résumé that is editable in Illustrator, Photoshop, and MS Word.

You will also get access to a complimentary template for a cover letter.
Speaking of which, your cover letter should be included in your job application. narrate a tale. lure hiring managers. Stories are significantly more appealing to them than simple data sheets!

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.


3. Orange Is the New Black

This visual résumé with high contrast mimics the layout of web pages for people with vision impairments. A highly unique visual CV that will undoubtedly capture attention. a superb choice for a CV for a visual designer.

However, this one will only be effective for digital purposes; once printed, it might not appear that appealing on resume paper.

This is the link. Edit with Photoshop or Illustrator after downloading.


4. Modern by Zety

Another lovingly created, ATS-friendly visual CV by Zety. Some of its visual elements include a block rating system (for languages and talents), ribbon-style arrows in front of each section title, and a simple overall layout with a variety of color options.


When you construct a resume with our builder, Modern is provided along with many other tried-and-true visual CV templates.



5. Clean Resume

When section headings stand out the way they should, even two-page resumes can be quickly scanned, as demonstrated by the "Clean Resume" template offered at Creative Market. This visual resume is available for download in Word, INND, and PSD.


However, removing the placeholder photo might not be simple. Additionally, most US resumes automatically fail if they contain photos.


The website for this resume template is provided here.


6. Iconic not Laconic

The "FREE Resume Template" by Tolgahan Yurtseven offers an unrivaled fusion of artistic and informative resume design. An excellent fit for candidates looking for creative employment. (In case you didn't notice Tolgahan capitalized the title: THIS ONE, dare we say it, IS FREE. accessible in PSD and INND.


The issue? Again, it could be difficult to remove the placeholder for your headshot, and recruiters don't want to see pictures on resumes. It will also be challenging for this visual template to pass an ATS scan due to its strong use of graphics.

Here is a link to this template for a graphic resume.


7. Concept by Zety

Consider using this graphic resume template. It's ideal for people who require the reverse-chronological resume format because it combines infographic resume characteristics with a conventional structure. This resume creates an easy-to-follow timeline by placing dates in a narrow sidebar to the left.


When you make a resume using our builder, Concept is included along with 20+ other visual CV templates.


8. Minimalist Infographic

In his "Personal Resume and Promotion," Tibor van der Brink encases conventional resume parts in an artistic, visual infographic. The style is still clean and simple, but the blue icons give it a nice pop of color.


Please take note: only use this template for applications where you don't anticipate running into the dreaded ATS. This one is attractive to humans, but robots might not find too visual depictions of abilities or hobbies to be appealing.


Here is the Link for this visual resume.


9. Fun and Quirky

Among the examples of resumes in our list, "Personal Branding Design" by Matteo Innominato on Behance is undoubtedly the most distinctive. The hand-drawn images and icons stand out sharply. In conclusion, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.


Although this resume is lovely, you should only use it if you work in graphic design. ATS bots have no chance of defeating it.


Here is the link.


10. Self Identity

One of the nicest personal infographics we've seen is Lam Lu's "Self Identity" project on Behance. Numerous charts and icons, a lovely blue and orange color scheme, and a central region of convergence that connects everything. Poetry in motion for resumes at its best.


This one is a fantastic visual project and will be a nice addition to an internet portfolio. However, it has too much plain text and a muddled appearance for typical job applications. Recruiters don't have time to spend looking for crucial information; you must hand it to them immediately.


To access this graphic resume, click this link.


11. Vibes by Zety

The name of this one is "Vibes." And what signals does that convey, huh?


Right, simplicity is the height of sophistication. Just take a look at it: the section titles have tiny, tasteful icons next to them that are attractive but not intrusive. You may quickly describe your competency level by using simple bar charts for your work skills.


A great CV layout for academic roles, as well as a great visual resume layout for business jobs. It is available in the Zety resume builder.


12. Mariquita

We are presented with Maria Vázquez Reina's "CV Mariquita," and what a beauty it is!


Images that were drawn by hand divide up the different sections and make it clear to the recruiter what your hobbies and skills are. Your experience and credentials are displayed in graphs and bar charts on your resume.


Yet again, despite the fact that the aforementioned visual CV is stunning, the automated recruitment AI is not trained to value art. Value hard statistics over creativity and storytelling when evaluating digital job applications, at least not yet.


13. Yo

The design simply titled "My Resume" by Clémentine Stora receives spot number thirteen on our list. a lovely resume template with graphics and a photo placeholder. The use of white space makes it easier for the hiring manager to focus their eyes and attention on the parts of the document that matter most to them. This CV template has a simple, yet stylish, appearance.


The primary issue is that there isn't enough room for text in this template. It's a bad option if you truly want to stuff your resume with accomplishments and useful experience.


Recommended only for jobs requiring a lot of creativity.


This is the link.


14. Black Matte Visual CV

The "Curriculum Vitae" by Vincenzo Castro is a beautiful if hazardous, graphic template that designers, visual artists, and other creative people can utilize to great effect. At the top are your name and contact information, and below that, centered around a collection of tech icons, are lines pointing to several specialty areas.


Remember that the majority of recruiters print out the resumes they get. Printing mistakes are highly likely to occur with this one. For job applications, it is best to keep white backgrounds for resumes.


Here is a link to this template for a graphic resume. accessible for download in Photoshop and InDesign.


15. Bold (and Beautiful?)

Nhung Nguyen, a graphic designer, produced one of the most imaginative visual resumes. The first drop cap in each section is a huge one. Boundaries of all kinds are disregarded, and the resume makes use of many columns that are distributed throughout and are positioned differently.


Sounds chaotic, doesn't it? But it functions somehow!


The fundamental issue with this visual resume template, like with most others, is scannability. It might work at networking or career fairs, but for corporate job applications, it might perplex hiring managers and ultimately backfire against you.


This is the link. Only editable in Illustrator.


16. Yet Another Watercolor

Here is where we wrap things up (an a loop). I began with a watercolor visual template and ended with the same thing. The template by Do Anh Nguyet is vibrant and inventive without being overpowering. You have plenty of room to highlight your experience, education, and skills thanks to the two-column layout.


Only advised for cases where you have no suspicions of running into an ATS.

Would you like to learn how to create a unique resume in Microsoft Word? The solution is this one. There are templates available in your size if you use Adobe.

This is the link.


Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here's what it might resemble:


Key Takeaway


Here’s all you need to know about visual resume templates:

  • While visually appealing and entertaining, resumes with abundant of images may not pass ATS inspections.
  • Save your graphic resume as a PDF with a text layer over the graphics to be secure (you can do this using our resume builder).
  • While graphic resumes are typically ineffective. Remember that words are more essential than images.

In light of that,


If you don't know how to write the contents of your resume, no amount of attractive design can help you. Luckily, we have a ton of tools at our disposal to assist you:


Learn the essential laws first. With the help of this simple instruction, you may become a resume expert in 5 minutes: How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide

Choose a formal format next. To show potential employers your strongest suit, you must do this. Make them feel your need for them: Resume Format: How to Format a Resume Right

Once you have a broad notion of what your resume will contain, start the show. not as simple as it seems. We've just made things simple, so: How to Start a Resume: A Complete Guide With Tips & 15+ Examples


And discover the best tips and hacks here: 40 Best Resume Tips


One final point:

Please include a cover letter.