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18+ Basic and Simple Resume Template (Examples)

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Do you need a basic resume template?

Something simple, uncomplicated, organized, and minimal?

You are in the proper location.

We have more than a dozen of the best easy resume or CV templates you've ever seen.

Also, as a bonus

Additionally, they all feature comparable straightforward cover letter templates.

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So let's get going.

The top 14 straightforward resume templates are listed below:

1. Cascade

Cascade is the first basic resume template on our list, but it's no pushover. This is one of our more inventive resume templates, yet it employs innovation subtly.

Would you like to cut down on time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Use our resume generator. It is quick and simple to use. In addition, ready-made content is available for quick addition. Create your resume using one of the 20+ templates offered.

The right side of the page, which is divided into two columns, handles the bulk of your writing, including your lengthier phrases and paragraphs, while the left column, which is shorter, is used for shorter details like your resume's abilities or licenses.

Numerous accent colors are available, and the color you select will decide the names of the section headings and the left-hand sidebar. Look no further if you need a clean, professional template for a recent job search.

Cascade is a robust yet straightforward resume design that is well-liked among IT professionals. Use it for resumes for IT professionals, web developers, and.NET programmers.

Advice: Customize your resume! You shouldn't be slack just because you're using a straightforward resume structure. Employers detest generic resumes, so always tailor it to this one particular position.

2. Concept

Our Concept resume template features a left-hand sidebar in the accent color of your choice, just like the Cascade resume format before it. This one, however, is exclusively used for dates and is ideal for drafting reverse-chronological resumes.

You have plenty of freedom to go top-down in the main section of this simple CV template, from the resume summary or career objective at the top to less important information, like hobbies and interests, at the bottom.

Regardless of the fundamental resume format you choose, the Concept template is available for use in our cutting-edge resume builder.

This straightforward CV template is excellent for bartender, chef, and food industry resumes in particular.

Pro tip: You can choose from the chronological, functional, or hybrid resume formats. Pick the design that best displays your professional experience.

3. Crisp

Crisp is essentially synonymous with a simple resume template if you're looking for one. For the remainder of the document, it divides into two columns after beginning as a full-width header at the top.

A special bubble rating system is given to both hard talents and soft abilities, making it simple for the recruiter to understand your skill levels. There is ample of room on the right side to highlight longer-form material, such your resume's employment experience.

Even though it's one of the best examples of a basic resume, this one is nonetheless sophisticated and effective.

Use Crisp for resumes for account managers, office managers, and executive assistants since it is a preference among administrative leaders.

Pro tip: Pick the best typeface for your resume. For the body of your resume and cover letter, use a font size of 10–12 points, and increase it by 2–4 points for section headings.

4. Cubic

Cubic is the finest option if you're seeking for a fantastic easy resume for job hunting. A simple CV template with a beautiful three-tone design is called Cubic. Your name, professional title, and branding statement are all displayed on the top in the accent color of your choice.

The résumé is divided into two columns below the heading. The darker gray of the right sidebar subtly distinguishes its contents from those on the left, which are longer words and texts, like your educational background on a resume.

For resumes for sales managers, bar managers, and shop managers, select Cubic because it is well-liked by hiring supervisors.

Pro tip: The resume itself is not difficult to write if you need assistance. Visit our resume examples page for HUNDREDS of sample resumes from a variety of professions that you can download.

5. Diamond

Diamond is a straightforward resume design with just one column, but it makes good use of the available room. Your name, work title, and contact information are given enough of room and an additional color in the traditional resume header at the top so they stand out.

You have a full-width area below for the remaining sections of your resume in a conventional resume format. Furthermore, for a cohesive theme, each job entry and skill you list has its own diamond-shaped bullet point.

It's one of our easiest and most straightforward resume samples, but it's certainly not weak!

Choose this straightforward resume format for help desk, customer service, and IT technician resumes since it is frequently chosen by workers in the service industries.

How long should a resume be, please? If you have limited experience, make your resume one page, however two pages is OK. If you're drafting a graduate school CV for PhD programs, don't go any further than that.

6. Enfold

Enfold is similar to our Cascade download resume format in reverse. This elegant resume template features a straightforward resume style and well defined section borders to make it simple for the hiring manager to locate the specific section they're looking for.

A resume's address should be placed in the top right corner to prevent the employer's attention from being drawn away from the critical details in the main column. Here, too, your numerous skills are well documented using a resume bar graph method.

This resume format is favored by marketers, making it perfect for marketing, social media, and digital marketer resumes.

Pro tip: Use caution when looking for free resume templates. Free resume designs frequently aren't designed to work well with HR tools, such as the ATS, which is used to analyse your resume for keywords.

7. Iconic

Our Iconic CV design contains many icons, but it's also iconic since it combines that retro resume vibe from the 1990s with contemporary resume elements (those aforementioned icons among them).

There is only one column in this straightforward resume format, and it makes good use of the roomy white space to draw attention to the areas where recruiters are looking. Additionally, iconic is a simple resume template to download.

Although it might get lengthy, this tidy professional template for resumes and cover letters is appropriate for use when you have a resume with limited work experience.

For actress resumes, model resumes, and music resumes, this straightforward resume format is ideal.

Advice: Have you considered using infographic resume templates? Reflect twice. Infographic resumes can cause the previously mentioned ATS software to malfunction, making your application as ineffectual as if you had sent nothing at all.

8. Influx


One of the most expert resume templates we provide is Influx, a simple CV template that looks like a superb resume outline. Employers can quickly view your career history, educational background, talents, and accomplishments with this arrangement.

Your name, phone number, and personal URLs are contained in a tidy, colored bar in the header area, which keeps them apart from the crucial resume information underneath. Additionally, the straightforward cover letter template matches this resume form perfectly, which will truly thrill the hiring manager.

This fundamental CV format is fantastic for resumes for physical labor positions like forklift driver, warehouse worker, and dog walker.

What to put on a resume, a pro tip? To learn how to add different sections to your resume to make it truly stand out, such as volunteer experience or proud accomplishments, click on that link.

9. Initials

Initials is a tidy resume template with a straightforward layout that nevertheless fits gobs of data into a little footprint.

With filled-in bubbles describing your hard and soft abilities, circular icons describing your personal details, and the large namesake circle bearing your name's letters to stand out to recruiters, circles are the order of the day on this minimalist CV template.

Initials is one of our most straightforward resume examples, yet it still possesses enough distinctive qualities to make you stand out from the competition.

The Initials resume template works well for resumes for recruiters, HR assistants, and HR generalists.

Pro tip: Avoid including social media links in resume headers other than your LinkedIn profile URL. If it's essential to the profession, like Behance for graphic artists, you can deviate from this rule.

10. Modern

There are many contemporary resume templates available, but this one takes the cake. The colored bars on the top left and bottom right politely and subtly draw the hiring manager's attention to themselves.

The main body of the resume is divided into two columns, and each section title is pointed out with cute small ribbon arrows, which is ideal for the employer's frequently too-rapid first inspection.

Your resume is formatted within in a way that will make a terrific first impression at your upcoming job interview!

People working in the medical and healthcare fields frequently use modern resume designs. Use this format for CNA, physician assistant, and healthcare resumes.

Need assistance editing the content of your resume? To assist you in creating the greatest CV possible, review our resume writing advice and dos and don'ts.

11. Muse

Clean resume design with two and a half columns is called Our Muse. Offering the employer an easy-to-understand timeline of your professional history, the left one is great for brief information, the right side is ideal for longer texts, and the mini middle column is dedicated particularly for dates.

Take a look at the example of a functional resume above. To make it clear to the HR manager where you stand, shaded-in squares are used in the sections for your language proficiency and skill set. This resume allows you enough room to fit everything on one page if you need to.

Your resume summary or objective will not be lost in your CV if it is contained in a condensed section. Anyone looking for the best resume templates that are simple, straightforward, and minimal in style should use it.

People that work with data appreciate using the Muse design while creating their resumes. For resumes for management consultants, data analysts, and data scientists, use this arrangement.

Pro Tip: Starting a resume might occasionally be the most difficult aspect. To overcome your initial writing block, read our essay on how to start a CV.

12. Newcast


A straightforward CV template with a minimalistic layout, Newcast. You can prioritize your employment history, school background, or resume certifications using a single-column resume format.

With its logical organization and prominent titles and adjacent box indicators, Newcast makes sure the hiring manager can immediately find the section they require. This design comes with a complementary application letter template, and you can choose from dozens of color schemes to create a CV that is genuinely distinctive.

One of our most straightforward resume examples, yet nonetheless powerful!

Also popular in the medical industry is Newcast. Pick this one for resumes for dental hygienists, nurses, and doctors.

Pro Tip: When it comes to customizing a CV for a position, keywords are quite important. The finest terms to use on your resume can be found in the portion of the job post that lists the prerequisites.

13. Simple

The Simple CV format is as flawless as they come, with a simple layout that presents you in the best possible way. This straightforward resume sample's headline initially occupies the entire page, providing adequate space for your professional profile statement.

This straightforward resume template is separated into two columns below. A sidebar designed for short sentences, such as your talents section, language proficiency, and personal information, is located on the left. The main part, which is intended for longer texts like your schooling, work descriptions, and other significant information, is on the right.

This one is for you if you're seeking for a resume template that will work well with picky applicant tracking systems.

Perfect for entry-level roles, brand-new jobs, and educational careers like elementary school teachers, college graduates, and high school students!

Pro Tip: Action words and strong verbs are equally as vital on a resume as keywords. Use them to give the otherwise boring wording on your resume some punch.

14. Primo

Primo is flawless, if perfection even exists. This uncomplicated resume template is distraction-free and skilfully presents your accomplishments to keep other large fish out of the template pool.

To give you opportunity for larger paragraphs describing accomplishments and shorter parts describing your skill set, the template is divided into two columns. The timeline layout is perfect for chronological resumes because it fosters career advancement naturally.

The Primo template is appropriate for resumes for a variety of positions, including copywriter, event planner, and interior designer.

Pro tip: Be mindful of striking the correct balance between the information and white space on your resume. You can do this by distributing the sections of your resume evenly and using the proper margins of 1 inch.

15. Minimo

You don't need to say much when experience speaks for itself. However, you require a straightforward resume template that will compile all of that data in a single location. So let's have a brief conversation on Minimo.

The one-column resume structure mentioned above does a nice job of handling employment history. They take center stage along with a list of qualifications. A straightforward graphical representation that highlights the talents portion also deserves praise.

To create a federal or clerical resume, use this template.

Pro Tip: The secret to creating a résumé that stands out is understanding the distinction between employment tasks and professional accomplishments.

16. Nanica

Nanica is a one-column resume design that emphasizes your career's most notable achievements. It shows your greatest assets that the employer won't be able to resist, one piece at a time.

You may highlight your skills and show how you've been moving up the career ladder thanks to the tidy structure. Although the format is conventional, the key is in how you direct the recruiter's attention through each step you took to get to where you are now.

If you are employed in information technology, you should use the Nanica template. Use it when building a resume for a software engineer or project manager in the IT industry.

How far in the past should your resume go? ten to fifteen years The less information you should include as you move further in the past. Employers are mainly interested in your most recent accomplishments.

17. Valera

Valera is one of a kind and you are an unparalleled catch because of Valera's distinctive typeface and traditional resume format. Recruiters would be curious to know what lies beneath those odd titles since your name stands out.

The form of a one-column resume benefits applicants with less experience. Therefore, Valera is your man if you're drafting your first CV. You don't need to make your paragraphs as long as an essay. You only need a minor skill rating to be effective.

Write a CV if you're applying for an internship. Perfect! You were considered when creating Valera.

Pro tip: Did you realize that before your CV is rejected, recruiters could not even see it? In reality, the applicant tracking system scans it first and determines whether you could be a good fit based on the keyword ranking. Starting with an ATS-friendly resume template is crucial for this reason.

18. Vibes

Vibes, last but not least. One of our simple resume templates is called Vibes. By prioritizing headings with a single color and utilizing the white space within, it maintains the document tidy and uncluttered.

A bar graph makes it simple for the hiring manager to see your level of competence and language fluency. Each heading title stands out because to icons that are neatly arranged in squares without any effort.

Vibes is a suitable resume format for every employment, from electrical engineering resumes to resumes for college graduates.

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here's what it might resemble:

Key Takeaway

Simple cover letter types and basic resume templates don't require you to compromise significant components.

You can have a minimalist design with all the bells and whistles by using one of the 14 clean CV templates you saw above.


When selecting a simple resume template, abide by following guidelines:

  • To properly make your resume layout neat and uncluttered, use white space.
  • Free basic resume templates should be avoided because they frequently aren't ATS software program optimized.
  • Avoid utilizing a simple resume template for Google Docs or Microsoft Word. In most circumstances, choose a PDF version to ensure proper rendering everywhere.
  • Learn how to make a straightforward resume because even a basic format calls for a lot of writing effort.

Do you have any inquiries about our straightforward CV templates? Do you need assistance selecting the best clean resume template for your needs? Thanks for reading; let's talk in the comments section below.