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25+ Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word to Download

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The search for the top Word resume templates is over right now.


You just discovered them. In the immediate below.

In actuality, you've discovered a lot more than you anticipated—

Save time and get a completed resume template in 5 minutes. You won't have to worry about formatting with our resume builder software. Your resume is available for download as a Microsoft Word or PDF file.

In addition, ready-made content is available for quick addition. Create your resume using one of the 20+ templates offered.

Nikos, one of our users, stated the following:

A beautiful template I discovered on Zety was [used]. My resume has been reduced from three pages to one. using the same things.

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How do you use your computer to get Word resume templates?

Open Word in a new window to begin writing a new document. Type "resume" into the search bar or click Resume and Cover Letter under the text box. Choose the Word resume format that you like. To begin editing the template in MS Word, click Create.

As an alternative, you can select one you prefer on Microsoft's templates and themes page!

1. Cubic

The Word resume template Cubic combines classic resume components with a contemporary minimalist design. It is tastefully divided into three halves, each of a distinct hue.


How is it even possible to create such outcomes in MS Word without making a mess of the layout and infographic resume components?

How to do it is as follows:

Open our builder, provide the necessary information, and the program will handle the formatting for you. Export your resume as a Word resume template once you're done authoring it.

The outcome?

Beautiful, flawlessly formatted, and... customizable resume Using MS Word, you can easily fix any typos as well as add or remove words from a document. Use the builder to alter the font sizes, margins, colors, element spacing, etc. No matter the section of your resume you want to change the appearance of, it will ensure that the formatting appears amazing.

2. Concept

A timeline is included in this Microsoft Word resume template to make it simpler for the reader to follow your professional history.

You can download your resume as a DOC or PDF file using our builder. If you're wondering which format is preferable, allow me to clarify—

It varies.

Because it allows for edits and notes, recruiters frequently choose MS Word (for example, adding the recruiter's corporate letterhead or removing your contact information to prevent you from being snatched by the hiring company).

But since PDFs can be used by almost everyone and don't require any particular software, they are preferred by the majority of hiring managers. For supervisors who are constantly on the road, a PDF resume will work just well on mobile devices. Additionally, you can be sure that the formatting of your resume won't be messed up during shipping.

3. Crisp

One of our two-column Word resume templates is Crisp. Both innovative and more conventional jobs will benefit greatly from its exquisite appearance.


More than a library of templates may be found in our resume builder. What you receive is a resume writing powerhouse packed with expert-curated content that is accessible with a single click.

Pro tip: When writing your resume, pay close attention to the organization and overall style. According to studies, recruiters only give your resume a cursory review for the first 7 seconds. If it looks cluttered or they have a hard time finding the information they need, they're very likely to reject it.

4. Diamond

For a combo resume, this Word template is a wonderful option. The portions can be easily seen and skimmed.


You may quickly and easily generate a strong resume and cover letter combination with our cutting-edge cover letter builder. You can quickly receive a targeted cover letter by responding to a few questions. Adjust it to suit you and get the job of your dreams in style.

Pro tip: The three most popular resume forms are combination, functional, and chronological, based on your work history. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Our specialized guides can teach you more about them.

5. Enfold

This is one of our resume templates for Microsoft Word that will function well in any situation, whether you're in a traditional or creative role. The recruiter will be able to easily identify your strongest qualities thanks to the resume summary section at the top.

6. Iconic

This resume Word template is perfect for anyone pursuing a corporate position that draws a big number of applicants because it is very simple to scan. The recruiters will be able to instantly realize what a terrific hire you could be thanks to the resume's attractive header area.

7. Influx

For a managerial resume in more conventional industries, this sleek and contemporary Microsoft Word template is a suitable option.

8. Minimo

This straightforward resume template would work as well for a management or academic CV. With a subdued addition of bar graphs to show your competency in various skills, it is primarily content-focused.

9. Modern

This contemporary MS Word resume template has graphical components that set it out from the competition without drawing the reader's attention away from the document's content. It can store a lot of information without being cluttered because of its two-column style.

You're looking for unconventional resume templates. View the 16+ creative resume templates in our gallery.

10. Initials

The graphic element with your initials sets this Word resume template out from the competition. A skill grading scale and a set of icons are also included in the design to make it easy to see your qualifications and contact information.

11. Muse

This Word resume template combines professionalism and ease of use. Small ribbon-shaped accents are placed directly close to the section headings to emphasize them.

12. Nanica

One of our Microsoft Word resume templates, Nanica, is ideal for a two-page resume or an academic CV. The resume sections can easily go over page two and beyond due to its straightforward formatting.

Pro Tip: The ideal length of a resume has recently been the subject of much discussion. It turns out there isn't such a thing, but in the vast majority of cases, candidates applying for entry-level positions will do well with a one-page resume, while more seasoned job searchers might think about creating a two-page resume.

13. Primo

This two-column Word.doc resume template gives you the space to list all of your relevant experience and important talents while still having room for additional resume sections, like those for software or languages, for example.

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.

14. Newcast

Another one of our business-oriented Word resume templates is ideal for a lengthy document. Both seasoned businesspeople and esteemed academics can use it.

15. Simple

This straightforward Word CV template is ideal for experienced candidates who wish to highlight their professional side on a single page due to its two-column style.

16. Valera

The innovative Word resume template Valera fuses fresh vitality with unadulterated professionalism. Additionally, it functions flawlessly as a two-page resume template.

17. Vibes

This Word resume template combines contemporary and simplicity. The section names are immediately visible to the recruiter due to the iconography. It has a classy, businesslike appearance because to the white space.

18. Cascade

A extremely versatile Word resume template is Cascade. Both executive and entry-level candidates can use it. You may incorporate a lot of information in it using the two-column arrangement without making the document look cluttered.

19. Color Block Resume

One of the many templates available straight through the template gallery in Microsoft Word is this free resume template.

To obtain a free download, click here.

To create a résumé in Word, follow these steps:

Open MS Word, then begin a new document. Click on Resume and Cover Letter under the text box.

Choose the Word resume format that you like.

That's it. You can now begin revising your résumé.

However, you must understand one thing:

The MS Word gallery's templates operate best with documents whose content is nearly identical to that of the original sample.


MS Word does not instantly adapt the template to the content you are entering in, in contrast to our builder. In other words, every time you want to add or modify something on the original template, you'll have to manually adjust everything (margins, spacing, line breaks, typefaces, graphic components, etc.).

Additional examples from the MS Word resume template gallery (and other online locations) are shown below:

20. Green Cube Resume

Large section headings and bar charts to demonstrate your degree of proficiency are included in this two-column, free Word resume template.

To obtain a free download, click here.

Pro Tip: You can incorporate a photo in some Word resume templates. However, it's rarely a good idea to include images on resumes.

21. Creative Resume (Designed by MOO)

For entry-level candidates without a lot of experience, this free modern resume template for Word is an excellent choice.

To obtain a free download, click here.

You can also check our Modern Resume Template if you're looking for a modern resume.,

22. Subtle Creativity

Both recent graduates and experienced candidates may find this free Word resume template useful. It can be used as a one- or multiple-page resume because it is sufficiently versatile.

To obtain a free download, click here.

23. Crisp and Clean Resume (Designed by MOO)

For less conventional sectors that value originality and creativity, this free creative resume template for Microsoft Word is appropriate.

To obtain a free download, click here.

You might also find some Eye Catching Resumes interesting.

24. Simple Chronological

Another free resume template for Word from Microsoft's own library. It is clear and straightforward, appropriate for all applicants who want to keep their message basic and have less decorations.

To obtain a free download, click here.

In addition to Microsoft Word resume templates, you may get some inspiration for basic, professional resume designs here: a tidy resume

25. Simple and Modern

This free Word resume template has been thoughtfully separated into separate sections. Your ability levels are depicted visually in a bar graph in the skills area.

To obtain a free download, click here.

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here's what it might resemble:

That's it! How do you appreciate our collection of Word templates for a resume or a CV? Would you mind giving us your thoughts? Post a comment down below! We always welcome your feedback.