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99+ Resume Ideas: Creative, Unique, Sleek (Gallery)

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You need creative ways to make your CV stand out from the competition. You're in the right spot.

We both understand that it's not only about how your resume appears on its own.

It has to do with how it appears in light of the 300+ other ones in the pile.

You may implement the best resume tips from this article in a matter of minutes, outdoing all other resumes in style and life.

We'll discuss both resume writing and design. First, though

Using our resume creator is the one resume concept I'd really like you to consider.

It's the quickest and simplest technique, in my opinion, to transform an ordinary CV into a standout one.

1. Creative Resume Ideas for Less Formal Gigs


It's a wonderful idea to inject some personality and flair into your resume if you're looking for work in the creative industries, such as graphic design, marketing, or advertising.

If her resume is written in Times New Roman in a simple MS Word document, she won't come off as a very credible "creative designer with an eye for detail looking for a position at XYZ..."

Thus, readability is essential.

If you decide to use an unconventional resume format, make sure the document is clear and the important details are easy to find.

See a few of these inventive resume concepts for examples.

Creative and Minimalist


In the past ten years, minimalism has dominated the design world. And there is a good reason why. It is simpler to concentrate on what matters when a design is simple. The greatest resumes tend to be quite simple so that the hiring manager won't be distracted by excessive details.

Although the aforementioned CV concept could still be too unconventional for a standard office job, it will undoubtedly get the attention of more laid-back companies.

Modern by Zety

The design of "Modern" is more dynamic and includes a block rating system for languages and talents, ribbon-style arrows before each section title, and colored elements in the header and footer.

When you make a resume using our builder, you have access to this template in addition to 17 others.

Bold and Beautiful

It's one of the most bizarre resume layout concepts you'll ever see, but it's also one of my personal favorites.

It's true that it's only appropriate for a very small number of positions and will never get you a job at a large organization, but gosh, it's just unforgettable.

Zety’s Diamond

Although diamonds are the theme here, the resume is anything but dazzling. Modern but also simple and elegant. accessible through our builder.

Need More Original Resume Ideas?

View the more than 1000 resume templates on Canva. This link will take you to the entire gallery. A link to our assessment of Canva's resume templates is provided below.

Don't want to spend the next few hours reading through resume examples in search of some good ones?

See one of our collections featuring the best resume designs from the internet, hand-selected by recruiters:

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2. Professional Resume Design Ideas—Perfect for Corporate Jobs

You require a CV that is little more traditional if you are seeking for corporate positions. Choose a structure that is understandable to recruiters and, more crucially, one that passes the Applicant Tracking Software test (ATS).

Here are some helpful tools and resume-writing tips:

Elegance Embodied

This template is my all-time favorite among those that Zety provides. It's clean, orderly, and contemporary all at once. Additionally, MS Word, InDesign, and Photoshop all support editing. One warning: if you aren't familiar with software, customizing isn't easy.

Vibes by Zety

I wonder what kind of vibes this one is giving out.

We're quite happy with this one. Just take a closer look, I mean—

The classy symbols that appear next to the section headings are attractive but not overbearing. You may quickly describe your skill level by using simple bar charts for your skills.

An excellent resume design suggestion for business opportunities. It is available in our resume builder.


The epitome of Scandinavian simplicity: a two-column layout to maximize space and fit more information on a single page, a lovely typeface, and distinct section headings.

Nanica by Zety

An easy resume design concept is to use the left side as a chronology for the work history and education parts. You can draw recruiters' attention with your professional summary or a job objective in the full-width box at the top of your resume.

Access Nanica and additional templates in our builder.

Would you want to see more examples of resumes with a comparable, polished look? Visit our gallery now: Ideas for Simple Resume Templates

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellcheck. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.

3. Not Much Experience? Resume Ideas for Students and Fresh Graduates

It can be difficult to write a CV if you're a student or recent graduate. There is one issue, regardless of the position you've targeted:

The opposition is fierce. Additionally, the majority of the other applicants have more work experience than you have.

You need a CV that stands out from the competition if you want to beat them.

Here are a few concepts:

Clean Resume
It is very readable and exceptionally well-organized. A fantastic concept for a CV or resume for academic admissions.

Crisp & Clean (Designed by MOO)
We understand that as a student, you may not want to spend money on a fancy resume template.

Fortunately, there are several cool free options to take into account. In your MS Word editor, you can first access some resume template ideas, such as the one above.

Unable to locate it there?

Black Tie Style

Another excellent suggestion for a free Word-editable resume. On the official templates page of Microsoft, you can find a lot more.

In the search bar, enter "Resume" or "CV."

Alternatively, you can save time by visiting this page to view our pick of the very best free MS Word resume templates: MS Word resume/CV templates that are free

Lacking access to the Microsoft Office Suite

Consider looking around Google Docs.

On your Google Drive, you'll find fantastic, free resume design ideas. Here is how you can get to them:

On the Google homepage, click Google Docs. Sign in if you already have an account. If not, make a fresh Google account.

To see a list of templates, click Template Gallery.

Depending on where you are, scroll down until you see a section labeled "Resumes" or "CVs."

Pick the cover letter or resume template that you like most. To open it in a new window, click on it.

Click the area you wish to alter in your template to add customized information. The modifications are automatically saved into your account by Google.

NOTE: You must switch your Google Drive display language to English if you are unable to access Google's resume templates.

Go to:

Select Language under Language & Input Tools in My Account > Account Preferences > edit.

Simply select English from the drop-down menu after that.

Here is a free Google Docs resume template illustration.

Modern Writer

Although I believe it to be the best one available, feel free to look at the others as well.

View our gallery of Google Docs resume examples if you'd like to see some resume examples beyond those that are readily available via Google Drive (Free).

When you discover the ideal resume design concept for you, bear in mind—

4. Content Is Still King

Well… Some claim that speaking is actually the king. Okay, fine.

Give employers something to talk about on your resume, and I don't simply mean the special template.

Make your words more significant.

Check out some of our free tools below for the greatest tips on how to write a resume that can land you a job:

Learn how to choose a suitable format for your resume first.
Never forget to tailor each CV you send to the specific job being offered.
Make a polished resume heading that includes your contact information.
To impress recruiters with your accomplishments, learn how to express your work experience.
Include your most applicable talents.

Have a broad notion, but are you still at a loss? A helping hand is here: How to Begin a Resume If You're Stuck for Ideas


Don't forget to attach a cover letter to your resume. Here is a helpful template to use while creating a strong cover letter: Quick Guide to Cover Letter Writing

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You can create one using this cover letter builder. Here's what it might resemble:

Key Takeaway

The most motivational layout and design concepts for resumes are outlined below:

  • When submitting applications for unpaid work, be brave and inventive.
  • If you desire a corporate job, act classy and formal.
  • Keep in mind that readability comes before flashy design.
  • If you want a professional resume without a lot of work, use an online resume maker.
  • Take a look at the free Google Docs templates.
  • View the built-in resume design suggestions in your Microsoft Word editor.
  • Visit Canva for resumes made with more sophisticated graphic design software.
  • Are you ready to spend a few dollars on your resume? Visit Behance or Etsy to see what independent designers have to offer.

You should create a stunning CV as a result of this essay, I hope. Which concept did you prefer? Would you mind sharing your own resume ideas, advice, and techniques? Comment below and send me a message to start a conversation!