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Best Professional Resume Writing Services for a Job in 2022

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You've been rejected, ghosted, and denied an interview.

And despite how difficult it may be for you to admit—

Your resume was insufficient.


What do you say in response to "never again"? It's time to celebrate your accomplishments.

By letting go, enjoy the accomplishment you worked so hard to achieve.

Find a ranking of the best services for writing resumes. I found this during my investigation, and I've produced a solid CV for you.


Top Resume Writing Services


1. TopResume

The person who offers writing services for federal resumes and academic CVs while paying close attention to resume keywords.

That's not all, though.

A professional writer can swipe you right once they see that you share interests with them, such as the same industry and level of experience, once you create your account.

Then you decide on a revision date, and your resume is ready just seven days later.

Sending them your current resume will allow them to thoroughly review it for no charge, allowing you to put their knowledge to the test.



Professional Growth—$149

Career Evolution—$219

Executive Priority—$349



Good for candidates who:

  • Are found across all businesses and all levels (plans are grouped by career stage, writers assigned by industry experience)
  • Feel hesitant (single free resume review with tips from pros outside the resume writing service)
  • Federal applicants and students

Not good for candidates who:

  • Cover letters are required for applications; they are not provided in the professional development/entry-level kit.
  • Apply proactively for several positions (one free resume rewrite available only in career evolution and executive priority plans)


2. The Muse

The Muse was created for you if the statement "you may be just as successful, but you haven't inquired how" didn't make you gag.

This specific resume evaluation service has a unique offer for you. Mentors and coaches hold a Skype or phone session to walk you through all the details of the resume writing process rather than having you write the full thing.

Additionally, you get to pick who you wish to schedule a session with. Three pages or more may be devoted to various professionals and their evaluations.





Master Coach—$479*

*Price for resume review only. Cover letter writing is an individual service that must be paid for separately.

Good for candidates who:

  • Similar to direct communication
  • They only want to be guided; they do not want the task done for them.
  • Has to be in charge (you get to choose your mentor and have an evident impact on the task)

Not good for candidates who:

  • Merely want a professional to write their resume for them
  • Do not wish to participate heavily in the process
  • Oppose the use of mentoring and coaching strategies


3. ResumeGo

The only resume writing service that provides you with a preview of their work is ResumeGo. They provide various examples of how they have rebranded, revised, and restructured the resumes of their clients.

Additionally, you can explore their studies on job search tactics, generic cover letters, and resume layout.

You know from everything mentioned above that you will be working with professionals, which they are. You can come across career counselors, HR consultants, and recruiters from various industries while looking for a resume writer (medical, engineering, or finance, to name a few).






Additional services:

Extra Resume—$80

Cover Letter—$40

Thank You Letter—$40


Good for candidates who:

  • Examine their work closely (you can arrange for as many revisions as you want for 14 days)
  • Are unsure about hiring a resume writer (a money-back guarantee is available)
  • Trust reviews (4.8/5 on Trustpilot, 4.6/5 on Sitejabber, and 4.1/5 on TheBalance) while making a decision.


Not good for candidates who:

  • Require a cover letter (the least expensive plan does not include one)
  • Are rushing to apply (you need to fill in a questionnaire andmeet with the writer for a consultation to start)


4. ResumeSpice

The fact that a Harvard MBA and a group of experienced recruiters founded this particular resume writing service makes it appear legitimate and free of hidden fees.

Due to the clear page navigation, you can easily find what you're looking for. Additionally, based on years of expertise, the names of the plans even indicate which one you should select.

The samples that ResumeSpice offers are unquestionable of a good caliber, which further establishes their credibility. They clearly know what they're doing, as evidenced.



Entry Level Resume—$449

Professional Resume—$569

Executive Resume—$689


Good for candidates who:

  • Desire to speak with someone in person.
  • Are short on time (turnaround is 2 business days for the first draft)
  • Support transparency (no fine print or lawyer talk)


Not good for candidates who:

  • Wanting to save money (the cheapest version is for entry-level candidates)
  • More than two revisions are required


5. ZipJob

One of the top resume writing services is Zip Job.

Let's say you don't like the finished item. In such a scenario, you have 60 days to return and have a professional resume writer revise it. How kind of you!

The writing business provides ATS resume-building services. This indicates that they are producing a product that is compatible with any recruiting software, complete with a suitable file format, resume lay out, and the incorporation of pertinent resume keywords.

Furthermore, even the premium plan is less expensive than those of its rivals.




Fast Track—$189



Good for candidates who:

  • Desire to trial a service first (upload your resume to have it reviewed for free, incl. ATS, formatting, and keyword test)
  • Are short on time (many writers work over the weekends)
  • Like to be the one to say it all (you decide when the project is complete)

Not good for candidates who:

  • Desire to be in charge (you are assigned a professional rather than choosing one yourself)
  • Phone contact is preferred (it is an additional service).


6. Resume Writing Services

Slack, Reddit, and Asana? Those names ought to be familiar.

According to resume writing services, using those three will help you find employment. Additionally, there are only three steps.

They better uphold their promise since they made it.

Reading success tales will truly allow you to see for yourself how they performed.

Warning: there is a spoiler ahead.


Resume Package—$270



Cover Letter—$50


Thank You Letter—$20

One Hour Interview Coaching—$100

Expedited 24-Hour Delivery—$50


Good for candidates who:

  • Dislikes overly complicated situations (the UX is commendably user-friendly)
  • Must be given a choice (There are Word and PDF versions available.)
  • I need as many changes (unlimited) as humanly possible.

Not good for candidates who:

  • Prefer a more tailored encounter (only one plan is available despite the add-ons)



Resume writers in North America pride themselves on customizing their services for different life situations. They have every right to do so. They have plans for academic CVs as well as resumes for former military personnel.

You don't need to worry if you're switching careers from teaching to marketing because can help you with your resume.

In addition to starting from scratch, you are welcome to work on your previously created resume while being supervised by experienced resume writers.

Now that you are aware, you can stop worrying about the strength of your application.

All of that, though, has a cost.







Career Change—$249.95

LinkedIn Profiles—$199.95





Good for candidates who:

  • Esteem a swift response (72 hours with a possibility to expedite to 24 hours)
  • Only seeking a resume (LinkedIn and Cover Letter boost are only add-ons)
  • Military to civilian transition (an individual plan is available at a discounted price)

Not good for candidates who:

  • You need a cover letter, which is only available as an add-on for $70.
  • Not interested in taking part in the process (writers make direct email contact)


8. Let’s Eat, Grandma

Yes. Continue reading to learn more about the best resume writing services.
However, what's up with the name?
The proprietors set up a page because the inquiries came up so frequently. Simply said, it serves as a reminder that good language is life-saving.
Let's Eat, Grandma offers three resume writing bundles in addition to extra services like coaching and guidance.
The starting bundle includes hiring a writer to create your cover letter and résumé. While the most expensive one adds a different resume format, a digital guide to cold emails, and helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile.
Check their writing abilities and the worth of their recommendations. Download a free e-book to view examples of their prior work and learn how to construct stronger resume bullet points.




Starter Package—$399

Accelerated Package—$509

Premium Package—$649


Additional services:


Digital Guide to Cold Email and Thank You Notes—$25

Downloadable Guides—$25-49

Career Compass Bundle—$40

Additional Version of Cover Letter—$99

Additional Version of Resume—$139

Premier Team Upgrade—$200


Good for candidates who: 

  • Have the necessities (possibility to add further services to the beginning plan, such as the second version of the resume or cover letter, without having to pay a fee)
  • Are they perfectionists? (multiple revisions included in the pack)
  • Want to monitor the development (many client-writer touchpoints)


Not good for candidates who:

  • Apply for positions with the government or in academia (no such service)
  • Time is limited (turnaround is 3-4 weeks)


9. Monster

Their CV writers aren't as awful or frightening as their name might suggest.

They provide you with the basic, deluxe, and premier levels of their professional resume service packages. It costs half as much as Let's Eat, Grandma, but if you get the basic plan, Monster cannot create a cover letter for you. You should update.

With a premier account from Monster, your LinkedIn gets a facelift in order to highlight your abilities, drive traffic to your online CV, and establish a unified brand.

The page serves as your permanent assistant in job searching. Depending on where you are in your career growth, you may conduct a lot of research there and uncover positions, income trends, and career advice.








Additional services:


Extra Resume—$80

Cover Letter—$40

Thank You Letter—$40


Good for candidates who:

  • Are they seeking employment? (free rewrite within 60 days)
  • Want quick applications (ETA: 5 working days)
  • Considering quality (every writer is a certified professional)

Not good for candidates who:

  • Expect changes (no such service)
  • Applying requires a cover letter because the fundamental program does not include one.


Hey! You still aren't sure, are you?

Then, you must be a Libra.

In any case, if you have some time on your hands, why not study up on crafting a job application? Additionally, it will assist you in making wise decisions while revising!