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How to List Continuing Education on a Resume? 10+ Examples

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It is well known:

Your experience and skills will determine how strong your resume is.



Saying that the other sections don't count at all would be a lie. since they do.

Added to that

You can simply gain extra points by adding a few extra sections to your CV.

for instance, continual education.

This piece will demonstrate:


The definition of continued education.
Putting professional development on a resume: how to do it.
On a resume, give examples of continuing education.


How should I describe my ongoing education on a resume?


In the education or professional development part of your resume, you should indicate any ongoing education. Typically, this data is presented last. You can put continuing education under the heading of the section on education and professional development to conserve space.


But now, let's take a closer look at these possibilities.


Continuing Education. What Is This?


Initially, however—


What exactly is ongoing education?


In the US and Canada, any type of adult education that takes place after leaving the official schooling system is referred to as continuing education.


In other words, once you begin your professional career, any courses you attend and/or certifications you get are considered continuous education.


In reality, continuous education is referred to as professional development on resumes.




It's nice to have for some occupations to add continuing education on a resume.


A search engine marketing certification, for instance, is simple to add to a resume for an online marketer, but it's not required. Without a certification, you can excel at SEM.


To keep their professional licenses and remain employable, some occupations must get continuing education credits (CECs) or continuing education units (CEUs), for instance:


  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Health care experts
  • Legal occupations
  • Pilots
  • Teachers

On a resume, these professionals' representatives ought to note their ongoing education.


How to List Professional Development on a Resume


Making a section specifically for continuing education on your CV is a fantastic idea.

On a resume, you can list continuing education under professional development, training and development, certificates, licenses, or just continuing education.

There are no set guidelines for what should be listed as continuing education on a resume.


Along with any other types of professional learning and development programs or courses you've completed, it's a good idea to list professional certifications or online courses in this part of your resume.

To tell the truth

The only problem you may run into after creating a continuing education section on your resume is deciding where to include it.

As a general guideline, your experience section should appear higher on your resume the more experience you have

Only if you are creating an entry-level or student resume should the education section be at the top of your resume.

In all other circumstances, put the education and continuing education sections of your resume underneath the experience section.

One more thing is that—

Don't use the professional development area of your resume as a place to list every course you've ever taken.

Concentrate on the information that is pertinent to the job you want, and adjust your CV to the offer.

Additionally, order the items once you've decided what to list as continuing education on a resume by relevance or date.

Rank your most pertinent courses and licenses highest. Alternately, put the newest courses first.

Your best bet is typically to use a reverse-chronological resume format.



How to List Continuing Education on a Resume— Examples




Take a look at the following resume examples to see how to list continuing education:




  • CFA
  • CIS




  • Licensed California Professional Engineer


Licenses and Certifications

  • Registered Nurse (Licence #1234567
  • ACLS
  • BCLS
  • CCRN
  • CPR


Legal professions (Attorney)

Professional development

  • Member in good standing of the Florida State Bar
  • Labor Law and Labor Arbitration Conference 2018—Speaker



Learning and Development

  • Flight time (total): 8,534
  • ATP Certificate
  • ASEL Certification
  • FAA Class 1 Medical


Your resume's professional growth section should include a variety of items, depending on your background in business and the demands of the position.

In fact, you have the option of adding additional resume sections or selecting another type of resume, such as a functional or combination resume.



Key Takeaways


What you need to know about how to list ongoing education on a resume is summarized below:


  • On a resume, you can indicate that professional development is another name for continuing education.
  • It's not required for some occupations (like marketing) to list ongoing education on a resume.
  • For example, lawyers, pilots, and nurses must obtain continuing education credits to maintain their employability and further their careers.
  • Including ongoing education on a resume can increase your chances of getting a job in either case.
  • To list continuing education on your resume, use a different section.
  • Make sure the training, certifications, or degrees you list are applicable to the job for which you are seeking.