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How to Update Your Resume in 2022 [11 Fast & Simple Steps]

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Why should your resume still refer Windows '95 if you aren't working on it anymore? Learn how to step up to a next generation job application and refresh your resume.

A resume you once wrote was fantastic. You must be wondering why you keep sending the same one out for years.

It also makes sense why recruiting recruiters have been calling you back less frequently over time.

No matter how fantastic your CV may be, if it's outdated, it won't be remembered.

We've selected the top 11 resume updates that will save you more time than waiting for your Starbucks order, which is good news for you.

If time is your currency, then—

You'll save up using Zety Builder! Uploading your outdated resume and updating it to a resume template with a polished appearance only takes a few seconds! Not to add, you won't ever need to start from the beginning while creating a CV. As your career develops, you can make free modifications to your CV in the cloud.

Get even more advice on updating your resume:

How To Update Your Resume

The same rules apply to updating your resume as they do for any other document or piece of information. After all, the best approach to land that interview you desire is to have an updated resume that shows the hiring manager the full range of your expertise and skills.

Therefore, how frequently should a resume be updated? Every time you accept a new position or acquire new knowledge or expertise, you should update your resume. Although it may seem tiresome, it takes less time than sitting down after five to ten years and adding a ton of new material.

The good news is that it doesn't take as much time as you might imagine to update your CV.

The top 11 techniques to refresh your CV in Starbucks minutes are listed below:

Add Resume Keywords

Your chances of landing a job interview can really depend on the keywords you choose in your resume. Why? Let me introduce you to the ATS, then (applicant tracking system).

In return for an analysis based on the resume keywords you selected in your job application, the majority of hiring managers upload resumes into an applicant tracking system (ATS). Your chances of the supervisor looking at your resume and calling you in for an interview increase the more ATS-friendly your resume is.

So how can you win over the system?

Use the job ad to find the appropriate CV keywords. You may look for resume keywords by using Google to search for terms related to your sector and the jobs you're interested in. Your phone will ring nonstop if you use those keywords extensively in your resume.

Freshen Up Your Resume Header

Your resume header serves as the calling card for your most recent version of it; if it's outdated, your resume is essentially worthless. On the other hand, a contemporary, eye-catching resume heading will draw attention.

Make sure the contact information on your resume is up to date, visible, and simple to understand. Your first and last name, contact information, and business email address are necessary. If your location is crucial, remove your address or simply remove the city and state for safety and data security reasons. The same is true of your resume image, which is unnecessary.

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, link it to your CV; if not, create one (it's free!). The same should be done for any social media profiles that could be related to the position you're looking for. Before sending out your CV, have a look at your social media presence since recruiters will do so.

Fix Your Formatting

Nobody will show up for an interview wearing rumpled, inside-out clothing and smelling like last night's keg party and expect to get hired. In order to update your resume, formatting is essential since your presence counts for a lot.

An updated resume requires a second look at the following resume formatting standards to ensure that your job application is presentable:

  • Set your resume's page margins to one inch on all sides.
  • Ensure that the portions of your resume are noticeable and simple for hiring managers to locate.
  • Pick a clean, sophisticated resume design.
  • Save your resume as PDF unless otherwise specified in the job posting.
  • Make sure to give your resume a professional file name so it stands out from the competition.

Get Your Font Right

One of those minor things that goes a big way is the font you pick. As with clothing, fonts too vary with time. What was once considered professional today seems obsolete and uninteresting.

Choose a clean, readable font that is contemporary. Verdana, Georgia, and Arial are a few suitable options. For the bulk of your resume, use 12-point font; for section headings, use 14 to 16 points. 

Dust Off Your Resume Objective or Summary

Your resume's aim or summary essentially sums up your qualifications in a few phrases, so if it's not polished and professional, no one will even look at it.

Pick the resume aim if you're transferring professions or looking for your first job. It will highlight your expertise and abilities and demonstrate to hiring managers your dedication.

You should switch your aim to a summary if you have some work experience.

A resume summary highlights your employment experience and talents to convince hiring managers that you are the candidate they are looking for.

Rejuvenate Your Work Experience Section

Your resume's work experience section does a significant amount of the heavy lifting; if you don't get it properly, everything just falls apart. Get out the chisel if it appears to be a huge wall of text from a distance; you need to start updating.

First, to make your work experience stand out more, use bullet points rather than lengthy phrases. Don't just add up all the duties you've ever had. For your most recent position, use up to six bullet points, and for earlier positions, use three to four.

Second, whenever possible, use numbers and quantifiable accomplishments rather than words. Numbers are a great way to highlight and draw attention to anything.

Let's imagine, for example, that you installed a new HR system that reduced HR costs and mistakes. Okay, but that hardly raises any questions, does it? However, if you add some statistics, you get something like "installed HR system which reduced HR errors by 30% and costs by $15K." That sure does seem impressive!

Include Action Word

Once upon a time, all you had to do to land a job was "talked, did, calculated." Not as much these days. Utilize action verbs and strong words to catch the recruiter's

attention. Therefore, use verbs like "discussed," "managed," and "analyzed" in place of the ones indicated above. Notice the energy difference? A recruiter will pay attention.

And it's not just about sounding sophisticated. Activity verbs not only describe the action but also your sense of initiative, initiative, and analytical thought. All of them are essential.

Tailor Your Resume to the Job Offer

Applying for a job does not include sending out a lot of spam. You will receive a lot of silence if you send the same resume to every employer under the sun.

Adapt your resume to the job description to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and motivated.

To assist you concentrate on what the hiring manager is looking for, use the job description as a cheat sheet.

Next, give your CV a little facelift. Does this add value to my resume? Is this what the business is seeking? Remove it if either one receives a "no.".

Give the Additional Sections of Your Resume a Makeove

Some people don't pay attention to other parts because they believe that only their education, abilities, and work experience matter. That is totally false.

There are a variety of factors that might make your CV stand out to potential employers. Following are some winners:

  • Volunteering. Like any other paid work, volunteering can serve as evidence to employers of one's knowledge, abilities, and motivation.
  • Fluency in a second language. Foreign language proficiency is something you really can't skimp on because 90% of firms need staff who know more than simply English. Include the language's name and the normal level rating.
  • Projects. As long as they can showcase your abilities or knowledge, they can be personal or professional.
  • Accomplishments and honors. Include honors or accomplishments that demonstrate your abilities or diligence and are pertinent.
  • Interests and hobbies. We're not referring to your collection of Pokemon. For instance, when applying for the job of head cook, your cooking blog may be important. Just make it pertinent.

Keep in mind that these parts on your resume only make sense if they are pertinent to the job offer.

Drag and drop skills and bullet points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. Use spellchecks. Check. Create a professional resume template right now for nothing.

When you're finished, Zety's resume builder will grade your document and provide detailed feedback on how to improve it.


No one really does it, but everyone talks about it. Then they submit applications with resumes highlighting their incredible "attention to detail."

It's so easy to proofread your resume, and it really does make a difference. Use more tools than only the word processor's built-in spell checker. To verify your grammar and word choice, use apps like Grammarly. For the chance to find mistakes you may have overlooked, read your resume aloud. Have a friend or member of your family review your resume to look for any errors.

A critical step in reviewing your resume is proofreading to ensure that you're not sending out a resume meme but rather a top-notch job application.

Use a Modern Template

A contemporary resume template best embodies the phrase "updated resume."

Select a professional, elegant resume design to demonstrate your seriousness. Make it specific to the sector you are considering. For industries that are conservative, use basic resume templates. For more creative industries, you may use bolder colors and more visual design components on your resume.

For every job, check out these extremely excellent resume templates:

Finally! Your phone will ring once more when you update your résumé!

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants. You may create one using our cover letter builder. Here's what it may resemble: