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How to Write an Effective Resume Job Description + Examples

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What does a job description for a resume look like? Your initial impression of a "job description" is generally what you see in job advertisements. literally the job's responsibilities and requirements.

But the area of your resume where you mention your previous employment history and professional experience is called a resume job description. It's the most crucial section of your entire resume since it must demonstrate that you have the expertise and experience needed to succeed in the position you're seeking for.

It's safe to say that your entire job application depends on the job description on your CV. It's imperative that you do it correctly. You may learn how to write a job description on a resume from this guide, which includes numerous examples so you can understand how it's done.

Resume Job Description Example

Siegfried, Jeff

203 256 0198
Electronic technician with more than nine years of expertise. successful testing, fixing, and prototyping. raising the bar for all technical work on new product lines at Grundvos Manufacturing. Magnetron Systems: Maintained a 90 percent or higher score on all KPIs, exceeding company expectations. chosen from a group of 20 competitive team members around the country to serve as a technician intern trainer.

Experience at Work

Technician in Electronics

San Antonio, Texas-based Magnetron Systems

since February 2013

  • Worked as an electronic technician for a manufacturer of industrial machinery.
  • Built, tested, and fixed electronic components for 15 different product lines.
  • Exceeded corporate performance goals by scoring at least 90% on each KPI during each quarter of employment.
  • Chosen from a group of 20 rival team members from throughout the country to offer both on-site and online training to technical interns throughout the organization.
  • 18 new hires were instructed in corporate policy and cutting-edge health and safety procedures.

Technician in Electronics
San Antonio, Texas-based Thanos Electronics
July 2011 to February 2013

  • Constructed and tested prototype household appliance circuit designs.
  • Designed modifications to testing practices that cut the typical testing cycle time by 15%.
  • Promoted the adoption of more energy-efficient parts, which on average lowered electricity use in market-leading models by 10%.

2008 to 2011: Bachelor of Technology in Electronic and Computer Engineering

Polytechnic Campus at Kansas State University in Salina


Electronics Technician with ISCET Master Certification (CET-MA)
Technical Educator with ISCET Certification (CTI)

  • Ability to analyze
  • Designing and installing electronics
  • Personality traits
  • finding solutions
  • Repair
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting

Southwest District's robotics and electrical engineering club has a technical advisor and mentor.

How to Write a Job Description on Resume

It bears emphasizing that this is the most crucial element of your CV. Your job description must be flawless since for many recruiters and hiring managers, it is the only piece that matters. How? Read on.

1. Keep Your Head Clear

Use one of the following titles to identify your job description section:

  • Experience at Work
  • Work History Employment History Experience with Professional Experience
  • However, you shouldn't utilize the phrase "Resume Job Description." Although it is exactly the same, it is not a typical section heading on resumes.
  • Additionally, you ought to choose a larger resume font for your headline than for the body of your work descriptions. For further emphasis, you can also use bold or ALL CAPS.

2. Position It Properly

For the majority of applicants, your resume job description ought to be first in the actual resume itself, right after your resume introduction. However, you can include it after your education section if you recently finished or are still in school. The chronological resume's usual section sequence is listed below.

  • Name, Position, and Contact Information
  • Introduction to a resume (Summary or Objective)
  • Job Description Curriculum Vitae Skills
  • Further Sections (e.g. Certifications, Hobbies and Interests)

3. Adhere to the Correct Format

Always display the job description on your resume in reverse chronological order. You start with your most recent or present job and work your way backwards from there. Which begs the question of how far back a resume should go.

And the answer is between 10 and 15 years, provided the experience is pertinent. However, this number is not fixed and will change depending on your job history, whether you have had any pauses in employment, and how much experience you have as a freelancer.

The main point is that you don't have to limit yourself to a one-page resume as long as your experience is pertinent and your resume is tailored to the job description in the post. For experienced individuals, a two-page resume or even three pages is acceptable.

4. Use a consistent and standard layout.

Each entry in your resume's job description should begin with the same fundamental details. You should mention:

  • Your position title
  • The business's name
  • Your workplace's location
  • Employment dates. If you're still employed there, use the current date as the end date.

To emphasize vital information, use bold or italics; however, be consistent with your style choices.

Following that, list your job responsibilities in 3-6 bullet points. For more current and relevant experience, use more bullet points; for older and less relevant experience, use fewer.

5. Improve the Bullet Points

Simply including a few bullet points and hoping for the best is insufficient. They're a fantastic addition to your work description on your resume, but you should make sure they're exactly optimized to have the greatest impact. This is how you do it:

  • Each bullet point should be introduced with a strong resume action word. A job description where each bullet point begins with "responsible for" is the most boring thing ever.
  • To emphasize your professional accomplishments, organize your bullet points. You must demonstrate the quality of your work in addition to simply listing what you accomplished. Utilizing accomplishment statements is the most effective approach to achieve this.
  • Use straightforward language and active voice. Complex, industry-specific business language won't necessarily be understood by the recruiter reading your resume.
  • Write in the past tense about your previous responsibilities and achievements. On your resume, only list the tasks you are currently doing in the present tense.

6. Focus on the Job Description in Your Resume

For each application you submit, avoid just copying and pasting a job description into your resume. Spend some time adjusting your resume's job description to the particulars of each position. To do this, carefully read the job description, make a note of all the important criteria, and then provide examples from your own background and experience that show you'll be a good fit.

7. Add keyword phrases

You may be wondering why you need to add keywords in the job description of your resume. The truth is that before it is reviewed by a human, your application is most likely to be evaluated by an algorithm. The majority of businesses examine incoming applications using ATS resume software.

In order to decide whether to approve or reject an application, that software looks for certain keywords. Use the job ad as your reference and look for the following types of keywords to add in your job description, just like you would when targeting your resume:

  • Hard talents like specialized computer knowledge
  • Soft abilities like communication and leadership
  • The precise position title

Don't, however, merely spam keywords. Make sure the job description on your resume maintains a natural flow. And only use keywords that describe the knowledge and experience you truly possess. It should go without saying that it is never acceptable to lie on a resume.

8. Show discretion

Although targeting your resume has previously been mentioned, there is yet another technique to be more discerning and targeted in order to enhance the job description on your resume.
If you're an experienced candidate, think about how far back your CV should go. Go back no more than 10 to 15 years, as a general rule. A resume's available space is limited, thus it is not worth including irrelevant experience from many years ago.

9. Sort Information by Priority

Take into account the information you list on your resume's job description. Recruiters are busy individuals, just like the rest of us. Instead of reading every word on your CV, employers frequently give it a cursory glance.

To account for this, be sure to place your most pertinent experience and notable accomplishments at the top of the job description for each role. By placing them farther down in your list of bullet points, you run the risk of completely missing them.

Examples of Resume Job Descriptions

After reading the theory, use the following samples of resume job descriptions to see how to put it all into practice.

Job Description for a Cashier

Store Cashier

Until July 2019

Supermarket Southfield, Branson, Missouri

  • Achieved a loyalty card upsell rate of 2% in 2020 as opposed to the industry average of 1%.
  • Completed all point-of-sale tasks quickly and properly, resulting in a flawless record for the cash reconciliation at the end of the shift.
  • received a customer service rating of 90 percent on average from mystery shoppers.
  • When necessary, I helped with shelf stocking, stocking, and store cleaning.

Job Description for Customer Service

Customer Service Representative,

Ecomm Services, Bakersfield,

CA, June 2018–April 2020

  • Achieved a client retention percentage that was 30% higher than the industry standard.
  • Acted as the initial point of contact for more than 30 stage 1 complaints per week and kept a 92 percent complaint outcome satisfaction score.
  • Suggested a modification to shift schedules based on seasonal demand, which resulted in a three-minute reduction in the average call waiting time.
  • Kept personal data rules and regulations in full compliance, with a 99 percent accuracy rate for client account data entry.

Head Server Server Job Description

for January 2019–February 2020
Miami, Florida's La Grenouille

  • Served cordon bleu to up to 70 diners each night in a contemporary European fine dining establishment.
  • Held weekly buzz sessions with the front of the house personnel to impart knowledge of wine, food, and modern upselling techniques.
  • By developing and promoting a set party menu in conjunction with the head chef, we were able to increase big group reservations by 15%.
  • Kept a close eye on consumer satisfaction and handled grievances delicately.
  • By keeping track of table occupancy and designing alternative table arrangements for lunch, dinner, and weekday and weekend sessions, we were able to increase weekly client numbers by 10%.

Examples of CNA Job Descriptions
April 2012–October 2018
Central Hospital, Newark, New Jersey
 Senior Certified Nursing Assistant 

  • Arranged for younger CNA team members to attend training sessions to increase their understanding of common medical issues and infection prevention techniques.
  • Educated patients and their families on how to manage their medical disorders' health symptoms.
  • Ensuring administrative employees adhered to privacy and HIPAA rules to the letter at all times.
  • Exhibited empathy, care, and compassion when providing services.
  • Supervised a group of six CNAs under the direction of the departmental nursing manager.

Job Description for a Receptionist

Jun. 2019 – Present

New York City, NY-based Morley & Morris Finance Co.

  • Efficiently handled front desk reception tasks at a top finance firm in Manhattan with a daily visitor count of more than 100.
  • Maintaining a four-minute call waiting time, I answered and redirected inbound calls and helped with internal call center overflow. two minutes behind schedule.
  • Completed all administrative activities on time, leveraging extra capacity to help the payroll team and speed up paycheck processing by 10%.
  • Kept a spotless appearance and a friendly, professional approach, receiving 10 official compliments from customers for the caliber of service rendered.
  • Coached and trained new receptionists to deliver excellent customer service in line with corporate standards.

Job Description for Office Manager

Desk Manager

October 2018 until the present

Ann Arbor, Michigan-based ABN Syndicate Inc.

  • Supervised office management in a busy freight company. supervised a group of five administrative assistants to guarantee the highest level of efficiency.
  • Budgeting objectives were met by meticulous cost analysis, which resulted in a $10,000 annual savings by getting rid of waste brought on by acquiring too many products.
  • Renegotiated a commercial lease for office space to account for landlord maintenance delays, resulting in a three-year savings of $15,000 per year.
  • Team production increased by 20% when Agile working methods and a 360-degree performance review system were implemented for the administrative assistants.

Job Description for Teachers

Teacher of High School

New Mexico's Elmore Johnson High School

October 2015 until the present

  • Reduced the failure rate by 25% between 2015 and 2020 by helping struggling students with their schoolwork.
  • Improved discipline by equitably enforcing the rules and removing sanctions for students in the 10th grade.
  • Developed innovative and in-depth lesson plans that the school district selected as an example of excellent practice.
  • In formal meetings and where necessary, ad hoc communication, I efficiently and clearly communicated with the parents.
  • Served as a volunteer mentor for students from low-income homes and had 100% of her mentees pass their exams.

Resume Objective for Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant,
Minneapolis, Minnesota Executive Assistant
Jan. 2015 – Nov. 2018

  • In a bustling aeronautical engineering company, I planned and managed two C-suite executives' daily schedules and supported logistical and internal communication.
  • Tasked with putting time-saving measures into place for the executive team. discovered efficiencies that allowed each member of the executive team to save, on average, 5 hours each week.
  • Escalations to the appropriate executive team members and departmental managers were accelerated, which cut the time it took to resolve concerns by 20%.
  • Supported projects and fulfilled administrative duties, taking on extra work from the office management team and assisting in achieving 100% compliance with administrative targets.

Key Learnings

Once more, the job description on your CV must be written well. It's crucial to demonstrating why you are the greatest applicant for the position and receives more attention from recruiters than any other section of your resume. An overview of how to write a job description for your resume is provided below:

  • Use a header that is easy to read and provides all the pertinent information for each task.
  • Make your bullet points as impactful as possible by emphasizing your accomplishments rather than just your obligations.
  • For each new position you apply for, customize your job description.
  • Add resume keyword phrases.
  • If you have a lot of experience, be judicious about how far back you go in your job description.
  • Prioritize the details in each section of your job description so that the most noteworthy and pertinent experiences and accomplishments are listed first.