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Resume Work Experience, History & Job Description Examples

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The most important part of your job application is the work experience portion of your resume.

Do you want your resume to stand out among the hundreds of others?

You must provide a compelling response to the question, "Why should we hire you?" In other words, demonstrate your management skills rather than your type of employment.
Want interviews to result from your resume?

Every job description you create should be tailored to the needs of the position you're looking for. Sounds challenging?

There is a straightforward procedure to complete it quickly.
This manual will demonstrate:

  • How to create a resume job description that is nine times better than the competition.
  • Job description examples for resumes that you can edit and use right now.
  • The finest format and template for a resume's employment history section.
  • How to promote your accomplishments while describing your work experience.
  • The simplest way to match the work experience portion of your CV to the job offer.  

Work Experience on a Resume—Job Description Sample

1.How Far Back Should Your Resume Work Experience Section Go?

Let's begin with some crucial foundational information.

How many positions should a CV list?

Depending on your level of experience, your resume should go back whatever far. Look at this:
How many jobs should be listed on a resume?
How much experience should I list on my resume?

Senior-level applicants
Include up to 15 years of relevant employment history.

Mid-level to junior applicants
Include thorough job descriptions for occupations that are pertinent to your field and a quick mention of others: internships, contract jobs, and freelance work

Newcomer candidates
Include all paid employment you've ever had on a list, along with any internships, part-time jobs, temporary jobs, freelance work, and independent ventures.

Candidates without a background in the workforce
Include all employment history, both paid and unpaid, such as memberships in student organizations, practicums, unpaid internships, and volunteer work.

Pro tip: List your previous jobs on your resume below your education section if you recently graduated or have little work experience. This will enable you to present your best self.

What is meant by relevant employment history?

When a person has prior employment that is relevant to the position for which they are applying, they are said to have relevant experience. Without suitable experience, it is hard to submit a successful application.
What I mean by it is this:
Recall the candidate from the preceding example? She listed descriptions of her prior customer service employment on her résumé because she is looking for work in the field. It's obvious, isn't it?

But She spent the first four years of her professional career as a waiter.
Now, it is clear that a "customer service agent" and a "waitress" are not the same thing. Yet there are many aspects of these two vocations in common.
Because of this, our candidate mentioned her waitressing experience and solely stated responsibilities and accomplishments related to the customer service position she is applying for in the job description. It all comes down to picking the appropriate words to define who you are.

Here is an example entry for a customer care representative:

Examples of Resume Experience
Pizza Hut waitress, 
Newark, NJ, 
Pizza Hut waitress, 

  • Devotedly performed customer service work in a busy restaurant.
  • Finished the customer service training course offered by F.A.S.T.
  • Maintained a high tip average due to a steady stream of happy customers.

Okay, but what if you've worked at a job that has absolutely nothing to do with the career you want to pursue today at some point in your life?
What if, after graduating, there was a three-year employment gap?

Your resume's work experience section may have gaps and flaws, but are they important?

Contrary to what the majority of experts in the 1990s believed, this study from the American Economic Review has demonstrated that even lengthy periods of unemployment or unrelated experience are irrelevant to employers if they are followed by professional expertise in your industry.

  • If you've been unemployed for less than nine months, your current employment gaps have no bearing on the outcome of your job application.
  • Modern employment gaps longer than nine months will only hurt your chances if you're applying for positions requiring medium to low competence.
  • Short version: You may have heard that employment gaps are always "red flags" for hiring managers or that you should strive to conceal them in your work experience on your resume.
  • It is untrue. Employers now understand that it takes longer than it did 20 years ago to identify the ideal match between a job seeker and an organization, especially in light of the 2010s' increase in unemployment.

Is it possible to classify volunteer activity as work experience?

  • Job descriptions for your volunteer positions should be left off if you currently have at least 5 years of paid work experience. They can be included in a different section of your resume.
  • Have limited work experience to highlight on your resume? In your major experience section, mention volunteering.

How many years of experience should I provide on my resume?

Advanced candidates: Include up to 15 years of relevant employment history.
Candidates in the junior to mid-level roles should provide thorough job descriptions of pertinent positions in your industry and a brief mention of additional positions.
Candidates at the entry level should list and briefly describe every paid job they have ever had, including any internships, part-time jobs, temporary jobs, freelancing, or independent ventures.
Candidates who have never held a professional job: Include any and all employment history, including voluntary work, practicums, paid internships, and positions in student organizations.

2.The Only Proper Template for Your Resume Job Description

Your most valuable real estate on a CV is the work history section.
According to this report, 91 percent of recruiters prefer individuals with industry experience.
More than two out of every three recruiters regard the job experience area to be the most important, according to a different study.
Therefore, you must arrange your resume such that they can quickly discover this area and recognize your value.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to list work experience on a resume:
1) Draw attention to the section heading
One of the following headings should appear in your work experience section:

  • Experience at Work
  • Experience
  • Employment Background
  • Career History

Make the section title bigger than the other job descriptions in the section. Put it in bold or all capital letters.

2) Position the part about your work experience correctly.

Especially if you have a lot of professional experience, just underneath your resume description.
If you are a recent graduate with little work experience, put your education section below.

3) List work descriptions in reverse chronological order on your CV.

Start with your most recent or present position.
Then the one before it, and so on, should come after it.
The highlight of your career, your most recent job, will garner the greatest attention if you present yourself in this manner.
The foundation of the traditional reverse-chronological resume format is listing your employment in order of chronological declining date. With very few exceptions, it's perfect for the majority of job seekers. Verify again if it's appropriate for you using our helpful guide: 3 formats for resumes Choose the Best Option for You

4) Make Each Entry Credible and Clear

  • Put Your Job Title at the top of every job description.
  • Organization name and address
  • Worked dates

Similar to this

Example of Work Experience for Resume — Heading

Administrative Assistant

Boston Consulting Group, Philadelphia, PA


Pro tip: You can either start each item with your title or the name of the company. That is not very important. Just keep in mind to keep your layout consistent. The same is true with tenure dates. Dates should all be left-aligned if you decide to do so. Don't make the hiring manager search and speculate.

You don't necessary need to make separate entries for every position you've held with the same firm if you've been promoted or held various positions.
Add one set of bullet points and stack your job titles if your responsibilities for these two roles were comparable. Similar to this

Examples Of Resumes For Jobs With Promotions

Company Inc.

January 2012 - Present

 Store Manager

January 2013 - Present

Assistant Manager

January 2012 - January 2013

  • Mention Promotion
  • Responsibility
  • Achievement

5. Use no more than five bullet points per job description.

Try to concentrate on describing your quantifiable accomplishments rather than merely chores and job obligations in each bullet item.
The section on your present employment should have the most bullets and details. Limit the number of bullet items in the job description as you go back in time, and only include the most pertinent responsibilities and accomplishments.

Don't list every action you took in your essay. Each bullet point on your resume should merit a spot. Every job description should be tailored or customized to the duties detailed in the job posting.

By tailoring, what does it mean?

Look for words that describe your responsibilities as you read the job description that is part of the advertisement. Make a note of them or mark them.
Include whatever duties you can find in the bullet points of your resume job description.
Check out how this functions in real life.
Let's imagine a job posting for a programming position requests the following from applicants:

  • Provide project design and development for mobile applications (1)
  • Meet with technical staff members, business owners, and other stakeholders (2)
  • Create and convey the project's needs (3)
  • Examine test results and guide additional development (4)
  • Guiding less seasoned employees (5)
  • Here is an example of a personalized job description for a resume:

Example of job description for a resume

Java Programmer

Black Knight Financial Services, Jacksonsville, FL


  • Up to 10 application development projects are planned and executed annually. (1) Project specifications were developed in collaboration with data analysis teams.
  • Attended project meetings(2) where technical staff, business analysts, and outside stakeholders were present.
  • Coached and mentored(5) more than 15 young developers and programmers.

Key accomplishment: Creating a test automation tool that cut testing time by 55%.

The applicant didn't list all of his prior responsibilities in his work experience area. Instead, he only included those skills in his list that demonstrate his ability to fulfill his future obligations. It will definitely help your resume stand out.

Pro tip: Use paragraphs or bullet points on your resume? Ninety-nine percent of the time, bullet points are a superior option. They enable you to be succinct and direct while still saving space. Only if you're writing an academic CV and not a resume should you use paragraphs rather than bullet points.
Relevance is crucial in each of your resume's bullet points. According to research, nearly 40% of recruiters instantly reject generic resumes that are not suited to the post.
Here is a guide that will teach you how to customize resumes in only five minutes: The Simplest Way to Individualize Every Resume You Send Is Through Resume Tailoring
Take another look at the aforementioned example to see more. One particular area is particularly noticeable, like Wonder Woman in a bright A-Line skirt. To give your resume job description the final touches...

6. Add a section titled "Key Achievement"

It will draw recruiters' attention like a magnet.

Mention something in it that you can't risk your potential employers missing.

To explain your success, use the Problem-Action-Result (PAR) technique.

The PAR formula operates as follows. Recall the example job description from earlier?
Key accomplishment: created a tool for test automation that cut testing time by 55%.

A delay in testing was a problem.
Creating a new tool is the action.
Testing time was halved as a result.

Having trouble listing your accomplishments rather than just your duties? We're prepared to assist. look at this article Add accomplishments to your resume for flavor: This Is How
Here's a short refresher of how to list employment on a CV correctly before we continue.

How do I list my career history on a resume?

"Work Experience," "Work History," or "Employment History" section titles; greater letter size, bold, or ALL CAPS

Where to list your employment history
If you have experience, list your resume profile or description of qualifications below; If you're a fresher, put your education section below.

Listed jobs in alphabetical order
Reverse-chronological: begin with your most recent or current employment, then move on to the one before it, and so forth.

Information in the heading of each entry: Job title, company name, dates of employment

Job-specific bullet points for your resume
up to five bullet points listing your responsibilities and proven accomplishments; Compare your bullet points to the needs of the employers.

Achievements of note subsection
Draw attention to your most stunning victory; apply the Problem-Action-Result formula

3. Resume Bullet Points—How to Make Each One a Killer

The majority of job searchers shoot their resumes like bullets, all of which are destined to miss the mark.


  • Responsible for buying office supplies.

Sounds recognizable? If you've ever written your resume bullet points in this way, you've definitely lost numerous opportunities to get an interview.
Never again let that opportunity pass you by.

How to Write a Resume with Bullet Points

  • For each work or volunteer experience you provide, add 2-4 bullet points.
  • Start with an action verb, then describe a specific responsibility.
  • Make a specific point that can be measured about your success.
  • In order to customize your resume for the particular job position, change the bullet points. In this way, you can tailor a different CV to each job you're looking for.

For example,


  • Negotiated (action verb) with office supplies vendors (specific duty), saving the company $12,000 annually (quantified achievement).

Let's now go over the three essential procedures for accurately firing explosive resume bullets.
Employ action verbs.
Start each bullet point on your resume with an active voice verb. Saying you were "responsible for accomplishing this and that" is inappropriate. Claim to have "done" it. Just like that.
Consider the following bullet points from a typical project manager job description:
Job Description for Resume Examples of bullet points


In charge of overseeing the Lean Training initiative to raise quality and cut expenses.


Three years of overseeing the incredibly successful Lean Training initiative. 32 percent higher quality, 21 percent shorter lead times, and 48 percent lower expenses.

Pro Tip: When describing your previous employment, use the past tense (e.g., "managed," "developed," or "supervised"). Use just present tense for the description of your current position.

2. For each bullet in your resume, use the Problem-Action-Result technique.

Recall the PAR calculation from the subsection titled "Key achievement"?
It can be incorporated into each bullet point.
Look at that.
Sample Job Description Bullets for a Resume

New training initiatives were put in place for circulation and access services librarians, which reduced the overall training period by more than 40%.

Problem: It took too long to train librarians. Implementing new programs is action. Training time was slashed practically in half as a result.
We applaud you for starting an internal newsletter to communicate.
The goal of management. 35 percent less email back and forth was exchanged.
Internal communication is a problem. In-house newsletter is the action. As a result, there was an over 30% decrease in email back and forth.

Pro Tip: Should you enclose bullet points with commas on a resume? Yes. Bullet points in a resume are sentences. A full stop should be used to conclude them.
You know how it works, right? The last bullet point technique you must learn is—

3. Whenever feasible, quantify

Numbers flash
Which of these job descriptions for a CV would you be more likely to trust?

Examples of resume job description bullet points


Internet sales that significantly rose.


A/B testing was used to redesign the e-commerce sales funnel, which led to a 112 percent increase in monthly income.

What a stark contrast! Any figures that aid in estimating the impact of your work must be included in the bullets of your resume and job description.
Some of your thoughts may be;

"Even though it looks nice, I don't really deal with hard figures that often."

You do.

More than you may believe. You can use one of the following methods to quantify your achievements even if you are unable to provide precise numbers to describe your work:

A. Scale

How many individuals made up your team? How many workers have you managed? What was the size of the budgets you managed?
Employers place a lot of importance on all of these factors. And to convey them more effectively, you can utilize numbers.
Making money is important for your organization. However, you should not simply discuss this quantitative metric.)

Check out this marketing manager resume sample.

Job Description Sample Resume Bullet Points

  • 18 team members worked together to guarantee that the company's branding is consistent throughout the entire organization for our clients.
  • 10+ marketing interns were guided and trained to acquire junior marketing positions that were permanent.
  • I was in charge of all artistic and technical facets of national marketing campaigns with spending caps exceeding $300,000.


How much work could you manage to get done in a certain amount of time? How frequently did you carry out specific tasks?

Again, these factors are measurable and ought to be.
Look at another illustration from the work experience part of a resume for a customer care representative.
Resume for a customer service representative Lists of points

  • weekly resolution of 150+ user tickets.
  • Four posts a week on Facebook, six a week on Instagram, and one a week on LinkedIn are scheduled for publication.
  • arranged for the daily email to be distributed to our 50.000+ subscribers.


Unable to calculate the precise number? Estimate.

Resume Job Description Example Bulleted list

  • Added new data security protocols, which prevented any data breaches for 29 weeks and saved $5,000 to $8,000 each month.

It will draw interest.But keep in mind that during a job interview, you'll undoubtedly be asked about the justification for your estimate, so don't take any wild estimates. Make informed assumptions while estimating.

Pro Tip: Try to fit every bullet in your resume onto a single line. unable to do that always? It's okay. However, you can think about adding more bullets to the bottom of your job description.
There you have it, then. Everything you need to know to create a spectacular job description for a CV.

Key Learnings

Work experience is the knowledge that employee acquires via employment in a particular position, industry, or profession (for Online marketing practical experience spanning four years.)

Your chances of getting your dream job depend heavily on the work experience portion of your resume.

Here's a step-by-step guide to writing your resume's job description:

  • Start with your most recent or present position.
  • It should be followed by the one that came before it, and so on.
  • Specify the dates you worked, the name of the employer, and your job title.
  • Include up to 5 bullet points that list your accomplishments.
  • Focus on your most pertinent tasks and duties when tailoring your work experience section to the job posting.

When feasible, quantify and use action terms.

All good? Then you're well on your way to getting the job of your dreams.