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Best Resume Templates for 2022 (14+ Top Picks to Download)

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The greatest resume layouts go beyond flashy appearances. They must be classy and refined. Their design must highlight your value. This will be helpful.

The top resume designs are:

  • For recruiters to read easily.
  • ATS compatibility-focused optimization
  • Made to fit two to three pages on one without sacrificing quality.
  • Formatted to draw attention to key facts about the contender.
  • Enticing whether or not there is a picture.
  • Paired with a corresponding cover letter template that is just as good.

Would you like to cut down on time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Use our resume generator. It is quick and simple to use. In addition, ready-made content is available for quick addition. Create your resume using one of the 10+ templates offered.


These parameters are met and exceeded by each of the resume and CV template samples on this list. You can select from 400 different color combinations and each of them is ATS-friendly. Furthermore, you'll learn which of your situation, the career you want, and your own preferences work best for you.

The Top 14 ResumeTemplates for 2022

The best resume templates are listed here for you to download to help with your job search. You'll find a list of suggestions for candidates who would benefit most from each template below it.


It is easy to see why Cubic, a top-notch resume template from Toptalent, is a firm favorite among users. HR managers may swiftly examine the information and identify the most crucial details with ease. Additionally, unlike many other resume templates that can be found online, the muted color palette isn't garish.

Your name and title are prominently shown in the resume heading, so your contact information will stand out. You can then display your abilities in terms of software, languages, and competencies on the right sidebar.

In addition to being clever, utilizing a two-column resume format allows you to fit up to 30% more material on one page than you would with a conventional Word-based resume.

We finish by including a few infographics. You may demonstrate your knowledge and capabilities with great visual impact by using "health bar" type circles for your languages and skills. One of the best CV templates available without a doubt!

  • Best For: Marketing Managers, Supervisors, Store Managers
  • Great For: Executives, Data Anaylsts, Data Scientists
  • Good For: Customer Service, Help Desk, Hostess/Host


With our modern spin on a design classic, you can be sure that your resume will stand out from the competition. Newcast is a novel approach to the conventional resume.

By emphasizing section headings with customized symbols, this simple one-column resume template makes it easier for hiring managers to scan your CV. Additionally, the roomy full-width layout gives your resume summary or objective enough of area to sell yourself.

Then, to let the recruiter see that you have what it takes, create simple but powerful bar graphs to illustrate your hard and soft skills.

  • Best For: CNAs, Nurses, Dentists
  • Great For: Business Resumes, Child Carers, Pharmacy Techs
  • Good For: Human Resources, Consultants, Call Center Reps


One of our most inventive resume templates, this shining example isn't only one of the top resume samples. The essential areas—section headings, talents, and the bullet points for your job history area—are punctuated, as the name implies, by diamonds.

Your resume's top-down, aesthetically pleasing structure will make hiring managers exhale in ease when they see it. This CV structure is ideal for accounting and legal professionals in addition to being one of the top resume templates for college students and interns.

What happens if a one-page resume template is insufficient? Add a second page to continue that employment chronology. It merely takes a few minutes to alter and download this excellent resume template and a complementary cover letter template from our builder. Forget struggling with Google Docs or Microsoft Office to generate something even half this decent.

  • Best For: Customer Service, Help d-Desk, Sales Associates
  • Great For: Accountants, Financial Analysts, Bank Tellers
  • Good For: Attorneys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants


For individuals seeking a distinct sense of independence in their resume design, Enfold is the ideal functional resume template. All of the short-form text is arranged clearly and aesthetically in the right-sidebar.

In a clean progress bar format, you'll have plenty of room to highlight communication abilities, technical skills, and other pertinent talents. The part about resume languages also benefits from infographic-friendly formatting.

The personal statement occupies the front and center position it deserves on the left. You have plenty of space below that to highlight your relevant professional experience, job titles, credentials, and education.

When compared to a conventional resume created in Word or Google Docs, this two-column resume template is a terrific method to fit more information on one page. Reduce the size without sacrificing the quality!

  • Best For: Marketers, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers
  • Great For: Data Analysts, Data Scientists, IT Consultans
  • Good For: MBA Applicants, Store Managers, Executives


Vibes is a special resume template that can help you get your next job. It has some incredibly special characteristics.

Your full-width header introduces you and includes your name, title, and personal statement. The next step is a two-column body that saves room. Your bio, talents, and accomplishments are listed in the left sidebar. The hiring manager can examine the application quickly thanks to the appealing square icons.

With this template, you don't need to spend hours battling Microsoft Office; instead, you can quickly and effortlessly construct a one- or two-page resume template with our resume builder. With this fantastic resume template, you'll land the interview for your desired job in no time!

  • Best For: Account Managers, Assistant Managers, Product Managers
  • Great For: Writers, Marketing Managers, Event Planners
  • Good For: Consultants, Bookkeepers, Business Analysts


Muse is the ideal resume template for every profession, but it works especially well for people who manage teams or handle data.

The two-column layout leaves enough of white space to catch the reader's attention. Then, in block format, the right sidebar displays your professional qualifications. Last but not least, we included some helpful small arrow ribbons to direct recruiters to each crucial resume part.

Avoid wasting hours searching through Etsy for the ideal executive CV template. You're good to go if you choose Muse!

  • Best For: Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Consultants
  • Great For: Project Managers, General Managers, Executives
  • Good For: Sales Managers, Writers, Marketing Managers


For those that prefer a chronological resume that provides context, Concept is the perfect resume template. It combines a standard layout along with some novel graphical resume features for a genuinely innovative experience.

For a straightforward and clean timeline resume, this excellent resume template leaves the sidebar to the left blank for all except the most crucial dates. Another layer of visual sophistication is added when the color of the sidebar also serves as the accent color for the heading sections on the right.

Therefore, this fantastic CV template is the ideal option if you're changing careers or developing an executive resume.

  • Best For: Baristas, Bartenders, Chefs
  • Great For: Computer Scientists, Computer Technicians, Devops Specialists
  • Good For: No Experience Applicants, Stay-at-home Parents, Career Changers


The twin-column layout of Crisp makes it a fantastic resume template. It contains a left-sidebar for short-form writings, similar to Muse, such as your contact information, abilities, languages, and interests and hobbies.

Your career overview or objective will have more room with a full page header. Then you let go with your long-form language in the main body area to your right, such as your career history, education resume section, or certificates.

This clean resume design features a white background, black text, and your choice of accent color. Additionally, there are hundreds of possible color combinations, giving you a wide range of choices to think about.

  • Best For: Operation Managers, Account Managers, Assistant Managers
  • Great For: Fast Food Workers, Line Cooks, Food Service Applicants
  • Good For: Hair Stylists, Real Estate Agents, Makeup Artists

Pro Tip: Use infographic resume templates with caution. Infographics can be used to create inventive and contemporary resume templates, but if you use them excessively, you risk confusing the ATS and the busy recruiters who are attempting to scan your information as quickly as possible.


General business owners, blue-collar workers, marketing job hopefuls, and finance professionals all adore the appearance of the Influx resume template. Whether on an American resume or a CV from Europe, we believe it is perfect for corporate opportunities.

Your chosen color is used to highlight your name, branding statement, and contact information, which are all neatly positioned at the top of the page. The single-column resume format allows you plenty of area to highlight your experience and accomplishments below that.

Because of its clear, simple design that saves them significant reading time, recruiters and hiring managers will adore this resume format.

  • Best For: Warehouse Workers, Machine Operators, Mechanics
  • Great For: Marketers, Sales Representatives, Sales Managers
  • Good For: Accountants, Bookkeepers, Personal Bankers


There is no greater name than modern. Simply said, it's one of the most cutting-edge resume template examples.

Your level of linguistic ability and skill is simply represented by a square progress bar. Then, each subheading is highlighted with ribbon-style indicators to help the HR manager find the area they require.

Finally, this outstanding resume template features a clean overall style and a variety of color schemes to enable customization. Create a customized version of this one right away in our resume builder, download it immediately, and finish your job hunt with a strong template that highlights all your qualifications. A corresponding cover letter template is also offered, just like with all of our resumes.

  • Best For: Paramedics, Phlebotomists, Physical Therapists
  • Great For: Waitresses/Waiters, Bartenders, Restaurant Employees
  • Good For: Housekeepers, Production Assistants, Delivery Drivers


It is easy to understand why iconic is one of the most popular resume templates for both engineering and artistic sectors. When the ideal design is already here on Toptalent, there is no need to search Hloom for a professional CV template.

This simple resume template is organized like a resume outline, which neatly arranges your information. It contains a lot of white space as well, which will help frame. 

Then, to help direct the recruiter's eye, unique icons are added to the section headings, which are crucial.

This template rightfully earns a spot among the top visual resume templates available thanks to its abundance of icons and selection of more than ten of the best resume fonts.

  • Best For: Photographers, Artists, and Actors/Actresses
  • Great For: HVAC Experts, Mechanical Engineers, and Electrical Engineers
  • Good For: Front Desk Personnel, Truck Drivers, and Logisticians


There is no better name for a resume template than simple. It is the epitome of minimalism, and like any basic resume template worth its salt, it puts the contents first. Whether you're an entry-level employee or a seasoned veteran, this one is perfect for your upcoming job search.

The resume is given the full-width treatment at the top, giving you plenty of room to outline your career objectives or CV summary. The longer text material is then split into two columns, with one-third on the left and the other on the right.

To truly personalize this professional resume template, choose from hundreds of resume color combinations. One of the absolute greatest resume templates you'll ever find!

  • Best For: Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Librarians
  • Great For: Web Designers, Interior Decorators, and Graphic Designers
  • Good For: Receptionists, Hospitality Professionals, and Flight Attendants

Pro Tip: Social media connections are not necessary for the majority of resume styles. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile nonetheless. Don't forget to use LinkedIn when looking for a job!


The resume template Initials gives your initials a distinctive graphic touch. A excellent replacement for photos, which frequently lead to issues. Yes, it is named after the tasteful seal that will appear next to your name instead of your initials, but recruiters will adore it because it highlights a lengthy, thorough work history.

The right column features a mini-column of its own, which makes it appear at first glance to have two columns but allows the hiring manager to simply dig further into your prior career. The same is true for sections including education, certifications, and other times.

With this ideal resume template, you'll dominate your next job application.

  • Best For: Admin Assistants, Office Clerks, Recruiters
  • Great For: Pharmacists, Nursing Students, Medical Assistants
  • Good For: Caregivers, Personal Trainers, Personal Assistants


One of the best professional resume templates online is without a doubt Cascade. IT workers, educators, and job seekers in the creative industries can all benefit from this innovative and contemporary resume template.

Below your resume's contact information on the left, a creative bar graph lists your language proficiency and ability levels. Your chosen color's subtle yet effective shading variations truly help to make that sidebar stand out.

You then have plenty of space to highlight your employment history, education, volunteer experience, and other accomplishments because of the dual-column arrangement. The extensive range of customization possibilities in our builder combined with that will give you the ideal CV template and an immediate hit.

  • Best For: UX Designers, Software Engineers, Cyber Security Analysts
  • Great For: Scholarship Recipients, Tutors, Camp Counselors
  • Good For: Musicians, QA Testers, Elementary Teachers

Jump straight in and have a look at the additional resume templates that are just waiting for you to test them out in the resume builder. There are numerous color schemes, simple layout changes, and ready-made content available. Not to mention our cover letter generator's flawlessly matched cover letter templates.

Key Takeaway

There are several low-quality, poorly made, and challenging to use resume templates available.

Avoid being forced to use the wrong one.

Follow these easy steps to make sure you have the greatest resume template:

  • Pick a resume design that is simple to read for hiring managers.
  • To keep them ATS-friendly, choose good resume layouts with minimal visuals.
  • Put your information in orderly parts of your resume with readable headings.
  • Use white space wisely for a pleasing layout and optimal legibility.
  • Put the most crucial details at the front of your CV template.

Also keep in mind that the content of your resume or CV is more important than its appearance. You'll quickly discover how to create a CV and how to write a resume with the aid of our tips!

One last thing:

Don't forget to use a cover letter template to go with it!

Additionally, a strong cover letter that complements your CV will set you apart from other applicants

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Resume Templates

Which resume builder offers the finest templates?

The following builders have the top resume templates for 2022:

  • Toptalent Resume Templates
  • LiveCareer
  • Resume Genius
  • MyPerfectResume
  • ResumeLab
  • EnhanCV by ResumeNow
  • ResumeHelp
  • Wozber the ResumeNerd
  • VisualCV Resumonk
  • Kickresume
  • FlowCV

How should the ideal resume template look?

The greatest resume templates enable you to display your data in a clear, succinct manner that adheres to the proper resume structure (which, for most candidates, will be the reverse-chronological resume layout). The proper resume margins and spacing are used, and there is enough white space to draw the reader's attention. A professional resume template must moreover be ATS-friendly.

Are Toptalent’s resume templates ATS-compliant?

All Toptalent resume templates do support ATS. This indicates that the document can be opened, read, and parsed by ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software, which is crucial if you want the recruiter to see your resume. The job ad's keywords, as well as pertinent work experience and professional qualifications, are all included in resumes that are ATS-friendly. Reverse chronological resumes are the finest resume format for ATS-compliant papers since they are considerably easier to scan than functional resumes.

Which cover letter format would work best with my resume?

To maintain your job application nice and professional, the cover letter design should always match the resume format. You can use the 18+ cover letter templates available on Toptalent at no cost.

How should I best fill out my resume template?

Utilizing the resume builder, which will lead you through the process step-by-step, is the simplest approach to produce your resume. To understand how to fill up the resume for your specific position, you may also look at our resume examples. A concise advice on how to write a resume is provided here, in 7 easy steps:

  1. Select the appropriate resume format.
  2. Include your name, address, and any personal information.
  3. Start by listing your relevant work experience and notable accomplishments in the resume profile section (also known as the resume objective or summary).
  4. Include all of your education.
  5. Include relevant talents that are in line with the job description.
  6. Add other sections to your CV, such as ones for your interests, charity work, certifications, and internships.
  7. Remember to include a cover letter!

Do you still have concerns regarding how to pick the greatest resume template? Not sure if the CV or resume template you selected is the most appropriate for your needs? We'll respond to your query if you contact us in the comments section below. Gratitude for reading!

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